10 Natural Destinations in Indonesia to Refresh Yourself


Indonesia is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the world. This country, which is nicknamed the Emerald of the Equator, is known to have many advantages, ranging from natural scenery, special culinary delights, cultural diversity, and traditional heritage. That’s why traveling in Indonesia is always more fun, of course, don’t forget health protocols such as wearing masks and washing your hands.

If you are considering refreshing your mentally tired due to the Covid-19 pandemic, here are 10 natural tourist destinations in Indonesia that can be included in your list of visits.

1. Lake Toba

The largest lake in Southeast Asia, located in North Sumatra, presents a natural beauty that is second to none. In general, there are three routes that can be used to explore Lake Toba. In addition, you can experience the life of the indigenous tribes around the humble Lake Toba.

2. The Thousand Islands

Located not far from the capital city of Indonesia, the Thousand Islands offers a chance to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta. As the heart of the Thousand Islands, the National Marine Park has several islands such as Semak Daun, Gosong Pramuka, Karang Lebar, Karang Balik Layar, and Kotok Island. There are at least 19 dive sites with amazing underwater views here. This does not include the historical islands, namely Onrust Island, Cipir, Kelor, and Bidadari Island.

3. Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih is located about 50 km from Bandung, West Java. The volcano is dormant, and has a deep blue lake hidden in the crater, stretching majestically 2,430 meters above sea level. If traveling without children, you can explore Patuha Mountain from the left side of the Kawah Putih entrance. If you are with your family, you can ride a horse, or visit Pinisi Resto Rancabali.

4. Borobudur Temple

The splendor of Borobudur still invites admiration after all this time. You may have been to this Buddhist temple, but did you know that currently there are tourist villages around Borobudur? Travelers can learn to make batik, pottery, even farming, or just feel the calming atmosphere of Central Java’s countryside.

There are many activities you can do with your family, such as rafting on the Elo and Progo rivers, as well as visiting the Karmawibhangga Archaeological Museum and the Samudraraksa Maritime Museum.

5. Mount Bromo

Moving to East Java, there is Mount Bromo that will make anyone amazed. Try to see the sunrise from Penanjakan, then ride a horse, or visit the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park which has an area of ​​800 square km. In addition, Ngadas Village is an option to see the lives of the original Tengger people up close.

6. Banyuwangi

Located on the eastern tip of Java Island, Banyuwangi has many features such as Ijen Crater, Plengkung Beach which is already famous in the world, and Red Beach which will tempt beginner surfers. Furthermore, there are still Green Bay or Sarongan Pesanggaran and Sukamade Beach which turtles often visit to lay their eggs. In recent years, Banyuwangi tourism has grown so rapidly that it should not be missed.

7. Bali

It seems that no one has heard the name Bali, Bali is so famous, a beautiful island with a strong culture, even in the era of technology like now. You can find lots of activities here, from simply lazing around looking at nature to visiting local cultural festivals. The uniqueness of Bali makes it always missed by many people.

8. Lombok

Lombok has Mount Rinjani, one of the highest volcanoes in Indonesia, as well as more than 20 dyke or small islands. For those of you who prefer a beach, the three most famous are Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. While in West Lombok, there is a special Senggigi Beach. Interested in the beauty of woven fabrics? Just go to Sade and Rambitan Villages to learn how to make them.

9. Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is a port on the western tip of Flores Island, as well as the entrance to Komodo National Park. The view of the sunset with the silhouettes of ships floating is so captivating.

Apart from beaches and Komodo National Park, Kampung Melo is also an attractive choice. In that village, adat is still well preserved. It is not uncommon for the villagers to hold local cultural performances such as the Caci Dance.

10. Wakatobi

Like paradise on the sea, you can find coral edges, atolls and coral reefs in Wakatobi. It must be noted that the world recognizes the magic of Wakatobi as the second largest Barrier Reef after Australia. You have a choice of more than 50 dive points that are easily accessible. Wakatobi is said to have 942 species of fish and 750 species of coral reefs from a total of 850 species of coral reefs in the world.