Attention! Emission Testing Tickets Will Be Enforced Starting Today

One of the vehicles requested by the police to carry out an emissions test in the Blok M Terminal area, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Friday (25/8/2023) (Photo: Nurcahyo)

Commencing from the 1st of September 2023, the implementation of emission testing and associated ticketing measures for both two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles, including police vehicles, is now officially underway. The execution of these crucial procedures is a collaborative effort between the Directorate of Traffic within the Metro Jaya Regional Police and the Department of Environment of DKI Jakarta Province.

In preparation for the forthcoming enforcement directed towards the general populace, officers on duty are mandated to ascertain that their own vehicles have undergone the requisite emission testing. This procedural mandate was articulated by AKBP Doni Hermawan, the Deputy Director of Traffic at the Metro Jaya Regional Police, during a meeting held at the Law Enforcement Directorate (Gakkum) facility, situated in South Jakarta, on the very day this enforcement commenced, the 1st of September, 2023.

Furthermore, it has been reported that the imposition of ticketing sanctions targeting motor vehicles has been executed in parallel at five distinct locations across the DKI Jakarta region. These locations encompass Pemuda Street in East Jakarta, RE Martadinata Street in North Jakarta, Taman Anggrek in West Jakarta, Terminal Blok M in South Jakarta, and Industri Kemayoran Street in Central Jakarta.

Notably, the simultaneous implementation of emission testing procedures at these five locations throughout the DKI region has been widely disseminated to the public. In the words of AKBP Doni Hermawan, “Simultaneously conducting emission testing activities in the DKI region, there are 5 points, and I believe the public is already aware that ticketing sanctions are now in effect.”

Crucially, it is emphasized that the officers tasked with enforcing these measures in the field are obliged to execute their responsibilities impartially, extending this scrutiny even to officers operating official service vehicles. As stated by AKBP Doni Hermawan, “When checked and found not to have passed the emission test, ticketing sanctions will be imposed.”

The Directorate of Traffic (Ditlantas) within the Metro Jaya Regional Police is vigilantly overseeing the implementation of these ticketing sanctions targeted at individuals who violate emission standards, a measure that commenced on the 1st of September, 2023. This oversight is intended to guarantee the adherence to established procedures.

Elaborating on this, AKBP Doni Hermawan notes, “Of course, we are overseeing this operation, and for that reason, senior officers have been prepared for every activity to monitor the enforcement points.”

Furthermore, AKBP Doni Hermawan underscores that a comprehensive public awareness campaign has been conducted over several days to educate the populace about these ticketing sanctions. Thus, it is anticipated that citizens have had ample opportunity to ensure their vehicles conform to the stipulated emission standards.

He concludes by stating, “Certainly, it has been socialized for several days. The public is also aware; they just need to ensure whether their vehicles have passed the emission test or not.”