To Promote G20, B20 Indonesia Holds Bilateral Visit to India


In order to socialize and promote the G20-B20 Presidency, the Indonesian B20 Delegation and the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) held a roadshow and bilateral visit to India.

This visit is expected to strengthen bilateral economic, investment, and business cooperation.

Some important agendas for this visit include the Global B20 Dialogue which was attended by Indonesian B20 delegates, the business community, and representatives of the Indian government.

The main focus of this activity is to socialize Indonesia’s B20 presidency and encourage the participation of Indian businessmen in it.

At the event, the Indonesian B20 delegation also presented policy recommendations from the entire B20 Task Force and Action Council as well as legacy programs that are expected to be passed on to future presidencies, especially India as the holder of the B20 presidency in the coming year.

In this B20 roadshow, a business forum was also held which aims to bring together leading investors and business leaders from India and Indonesia.

In addition, there was also a meeting between the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) and the Indian Chamber of Commerce (FICCI) to discuss business cooperation between India and Indonesia in restoring and accelerating post-pandemic economic recovery.

Meanwhile, the main goal of B20 since its establishment has been to represent the business community in the G20 economy by formulating policy recommendations for leaders of G20 countries.

Carrying the theme “Advancing Innovative, Inclusive, and Collaborative Growth”, it focuses on advocating for the aspirations of the business community to collaborate with G20 leaders to realize increased innovation in the global economy, a sustainable and inclusive economy, and facilitate cooperation between borders for restoration and economic growth.

In her speech, Shinta Kamdani explained important breakthroughs in the policy recommendations made by B20 Indonesia to address three key issues by strengthening more solid collaboration between G20 governments.

The key issues are prioritizing innovation for post-crisis development, empowering MSME companies (micro, small, and medium enterprises) and vulnerable economic groups, and supporting the growth of collaboration between developed and developing countries.

Currently, India is the 26th largest foreign investor in Indonesia. The total investment is recorded at $49.5 million with three main sectors, namely textiles, land for development, and industrial estates.

Meanwhile, according to Arsjad, there is still a lot of potentials that can still be developed and diversified to advance the bilateral economy of India and Indonesia.