Super New Moon Has the Potential to Cause Tidal Floods at 26 Coastal Points in Bali

Super New Moon Has the Potential to Cause Tidal Floods at 26 Coastal Points in Bali (photo: M Risyal Hidyat - ANTARA)

The super new moon will occur on February 20. This phenomenon will coincide with Perigee or the closest distance from the moon to Earth. The collaboration of the two phenomena is predicted to cause tidal floods at 26 points on the coast of Bali.

The super new moon will increase the sea level to its maximum level. Based on monitoring of water level data and predictions of tides, tidal floods have the potential to occur at 26 points along the coast of Bali on 21-24 February 2023.

This information was conveyed by the Data and Information Division of the Center for Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics (BBMKG) Region III Denpasar, on Wednesday 15 February 2023.

The 26 coastal points include:

Pulukan Beach

Pekutatan Beach

Balian Beach

Soka Beach

Pasut Beach

Kelating Beach

Yeh Gangga Beach

Kedungu Beach

Tanah Lot Beach

Batu Bolong Beach

Seminyak Beach

Kuta Beach

Jerman Beach

Nusa Penida Beach

Balangan Beach

Padang-padang Beach

Nunggalan Beach

Pandawa Beach

Nusa Dua Beach

Serangan Beach

Sanur Beach

Sindu Beach

Saba Beach

Masceti Beach

Lebih Beach

and Kusamba Beach

Furthermore, the tidal flood potential varies at different times (days and hours) in each region. In general, this could have an impact on community activities around the port and the coast, such as loading and unloading activities at the port, activities in coastal settlements, as well as salt ponds and inland fisheries.

Scientifically, sea tide is a pattern of fluctuations in seawater caused by the attraction of objects in space, mainly caused by the sun and moon on seawater. Therefore, when a supermoon occurs, residents who are often active in the sea are advised to be aware of tidal waves.

BMKG urges the public to always be vigilant to anticipate the impact of maximum tides.