Super Festive, NCT Dream Rocked Indonesia!


Large-scale on-stage concerts can again be held in Indonesia. One of them that caught the Indonesian people attention was the arrival of NCT Dream, an idol group from South Korea. NCT Dream was one of the performers at the Allo Bank Festival event held at Istora Senayan on Friday night, May 20, 2022.

The youngest member, the maknae, Jisung, said that he and the group are very grateful to NCTzen Indonesia for their enthusiasm to welcome them. He also remembers the delicacy of Indonesian food.

“We are very happy to be back here. The last time we came to Jakarta was during a concert (two years ago). And today, the atmosphere was extraordinary,” said Jeno on the sidelines of their performance yesterday.

“We are very grateful to Indonesian fans for welcoming us with such extraordinary enthusiasm. I also remember that Indonesian food is very delicious and I have a good impression of it. I am very happy (to be back in Indonesia),” said Jisung.

NCT Dream performed their popular songs, namely Hot Sauce and Ridin. The NCTzens also sing along with their idols who will soon make a comeback with the repackaged album titled Beatbox.

In their next performance, NCT Dream performed the songs “Hello Future” and “Glitch Mode”.

“Glitch Mode” itself is the latest song from NCT Dream which was released in 2022. Even though it was nearing midnight, fans were still enthusiastic about fanchant and singing their favorite idol song.

“The atmosphere is more extraordinary than our concert two years ago,” Chenle said to cheer from the audience.

Meanwhile, the first day of the Allo Bank Festival also featured some Indonesian musicians such as Kunto Aji, Nadin Amizah, and Maliq n D’essentials.

There was also a special performance from Kahitna who performed their hit songs such as Cantik, Andai Dia Tahu, and Takkan Berganti. Kahitna also collaborated with Raisa to sing the song Former Terindah.

Not only that, but Raisa also collaborated with Rizky Febian to sing the songs Perfection of Love and Could It Be Love?. This was followed by several solo songs by Raisa and Rizky Febian, such as Kali Second and Penantian Berharga.

The stage also heated up with a special performance by Dewi Persik who performed the song Lathi, which was popularized by Sara Fajira and Weird Genius. In addition to NCT Dream, the second day of the Allo Bank Festival event, Saturday, May 21, 2022, will be enlivened by Red Velvet.