11 Trapped Chinese Miners Have Been Evacuated

miner rescue

Rescuers managed to evacuate another miner who was trapped hundreds of meters underground on Sunday (24/1). Chinese state media reported a total of 11 other miners who had been evacuated after being trapped for two weeks.

In a report by state television station, CCTV, it was reported that the miners were evacuated at 11 a.m. local time, Sunday (24/1)

“A miner was in very weak physical condition and was rushed to hospital,” CCTV said as reported by AFP, Sunday (24/1/2021).

Eleven miners were rescued after the air vent shaft was cleared, the official state news agency Xinhua reported, citing the operations command center. The other ten are still missing.

Rescue specialists have been battling difficult conditions since an explosion at the Hushan mine, Shandong province, where it trapped miners underground amid rising water on January 10. An explosion occurred in the ventilator shaft, causing a blockage that damaged the cable car.

On Sunday morning, the blockage suddenly fell to the bottom of the tunnel. The rescue team, Du Bingjian, said that the incident prompted the team to take quick action to save the miners.

“After the obstacle fell to the bottom of the shaft, the rescue team started lifting the miners and stopping drilling work,” Du told the Global Times.

“It is currently unclear when the rescue team will reach the center part where the missing miners are believed to be in.”

In a recording, the lifting of a cargo lift to the surface. A man in a mask is carried out by rescue workers.

Subsequent footage showed emergency workers lifting other miners, who were wearing sunglasses to protect their eyes from light. Someone seemed to be holding his hand as if he was praying.

The first contact was made a week ago with 11 miners trapped in a section of the mine some 580 meters (1,900 feet) below the surface. One of them was seriously injured in the initial explosion and died after falling into a coma.

Other miners were found alive by rescuers when they were trying to reach the group.

Rescuers have unloaded food, medicine and other supplies onto the group through several rescue holes drilled into the rock. State media reported Friday that the miners’ health was gradually returning to a normal state after regular food deliveries.

The life detectors and nutrient solutions have been deployed to other parts of the mine in hopes of reaching the parts that are still missing.

In December, 23 workers died after being trapped underground in the southwest Chinese city of Chongqing.