Indonesia Cooperates with the US on Green Energy Development

green energy

Green Energy- Indonesia continues to solidify its transition steps from conventional energy to renewable energy. The government also continues to invite several developed countries to cooperate with Indonesia in developing green energy.

Most recently, the Chairperson of the Indonesian Coal and Mineral Energy Suppliers Association (ASPEBINDO), Anggawira, and his staff met the Indonesian Ambassador to the United States (US), Rosan P. Roeslani at the Embassy (KBRI) Washington DC.

The meeting reportedly discussed the development of value-added downstream industries in Indonesia’s energy sector by increasing investment and partnerships.

“We must increase the development of downstream industries in the energy sector through investment and partnerships, especially amid the transition from fossil energy to renewable energy. We discussed this with Pak Rosan,” said Anggawira in a press statement, Sunday (19/6/2022).

During his visit to the Indonesian Embassy in Washington, the General Chairperson of ASPEBINDO came specifically to express his interest in increasing trade and investment cooperation in Indonesia for green energy entrepreneurs.

Anggawira said that currently there are many small and medium-scale entrepreneurs with innovative renewable energy products that need support

“Currently, in Indonesia, there are many small and medium scale entrepreneurs who produce innovations in the field of renewable energy. We must move together to support these entrepreneurs in encouraging the energy transition in Indonesia, we hope that the Indonesian Embassy can facilitate these entrepreneurs,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Rosan welcomed the arrival of ASPEBINDO and conveyed the trend of transitioning clean energy in the world. He also conveyed several policies in the United States that support the energy transition.

“The development of new and renewable energy (EBT) is currently the world’s concern, including in the United States. We must use this momentum together to build value-added industries in Indonesia, the key is investment and partnerships. I welcome the arrival of ASPEBINDO who has this spirit,” said Rosan.

Rosan also specifically invited small and medium-scale companies that are members of ASPEBINDO to cooperate and collaborate with companies from the United States through the Indonesian Embassy.

“The collective ambition to make the energy transition successful in Indonesia is our passion at ASPEBINDO, we thank the Indonesian Embassy in Washington DC for the support. We are sure that big entrepreneurs in the renewable energy sector will emerge from ASPEBINDO,” he said.