Pope Francis Will Make Historic Visit to Indonesia in September 2024

Pope Francis
Pope Francis Will Make Historic Visit to Indonesia in September 2024

Pope Francis, the global leader of the Catholic Church, is set to embark on a momentous journey to Indonesia on Tuesday, September 3, 2024. His forthcoming visit has been eagerly anticipated by President Joko Widodo and the Indonesian populace.

The news was confirmed by Minister of Religious Affairs (Menag) Yaqut Cholil Qoumas following the receipt of an official notification from the Vatican regarding Pope Francis’ planned itinerary in Indonesia.

“According to the letter received from the Vatican by the Indonesian government, Pope Francis will grace us with his presence on September 3, 2024. This is undoubtedly a moment of great honor for our nation,” remarked Menag Yaqut during a press briefing on the Ministry of Religious Affairs website, Sunday (31/3/2024).

Yaqut emphasized the significance of Pope Francis’ visit, expressing that it has long been awaited by President Joko Widodo. He noted that President Widodo personally delivered the invitation letter to Pope Francis back in June 2022.

“We are immensely grateful that after nearly two years of anticipation, Pope Francis will finally visit Indonesia. This is truly a special blessing, especially for the Catholic community,” Yaqut added.

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Menag voiced his hope that Pope Francis will witness firsthand the diverse and harmonious coexistence among religious communities within Indonesian society.

“Indonesia prides itself on its ability to maintain tolerance and peace among followers of various religions, including the numerous local religious communities,” stated Menag.

Meanwhile, Father V. Adi Prasojo, the Secretary General of the Jakarta Archdiocese, underscored the historic significance of Pope Francis’ impending visit. He noted that the Vatican was among the earliest nations to recognize Indonesia’s independence alongside Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and India.

“It’s important to recognize that Pope Francis is not only the spiritual leader of Catholics worldwide but also the head of the Vatican state. Therefore, his visit will hold immense diplomatic importance,” remarked Adi in an interview with Tribunnews on Friday (29/3/2024).

Adi conveyed that Pope Francis will arrive in Indonesia in his dual capacity as the global leader of the Catholic community and the head of the Vatican state.

“Given this, the government bears the primary responsibility for coordinating the visit. We will closely adhere to the government’s directives, and we fervently hope that everything proceeds smoothly in September,” concluded Adi.