Pandeglang Banten Earthquake Caused 3,078 Houses Damaged.


The latest update on the impact of the 6.6 magnitude earthquake occurred in Banten, Friday (14/1/22) has been released yesterday. Reportedly, the earthquake caused 3,078 houses damaged. With details, 395 units were heavily damaged, 692 units were moderately damaged and 1,991 units were slightly damaged.

Then, the earthquake also damaged 51 units of school buildings, 17 units of health facilities, 8 units of government offices, 3 units of business places, and 21 places of worship. A report from the Operations and Control Center (Pusdalops) of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) explained that the earthquake, which was centered at 7.21 latitude and 105.05 east longitude, caused the most damage in the Pandeglang area, Banten.

Reports as of Tuesday (18/1/2022) at 22.00 WIB, as many as 379 houses were severely damaged, 581 houses were moderately damaged, and 1,764 houses were lightly damaged. “In addition, 43 school buildings were damaged, including 16 units of Public health center, 4 village offices, 14 places of worship and 3 places of business,” said Acting Head of the BNPB Disaster Data, Information and Communication Center, Abdul Muhari on Wednesday (19/19). 1/22).

Earthquake impact in other areas

Damage from the earthquake was also experienced by other areas such as Serang, Lebak, Sukabumi, Tangerang, and Bogor districts.

Reports of damage that occurred in Serang Regency were 10 housing units were moderately damaged, 1 house was heavily damaged, 44 people or 15 families were affected and 2 families were forced to evacuate.

Then for Tangerang Regency, it was reported that 3 housing units were moderately damaged.

The earthquake damage in Lebak Regency also resulted in 16 houses being heavily damaged, 38 houses being moderately damaged and 228 houses being lightly damaged. In addition, 8 school units including 6 places of worship and 1 village office were also damaged.

Furthermore, in the Sukabumi Regency area, it was reported that there were 3 units of moderately damaged houses and 6 units of lightly damaged houses. A total of 7 families/41 people were affected by the earthquake.

Finally, the impact of the earthquake that occurred in Bogor Regency was that 11 houses were lightly damaged, 7 houses were moderately damaged and 2 houses were heavily damaged. In addition, there were 12 families/48 people affected and 6 people from 2 families evacuated.

The Regent of Pandeglang, Irma Narulita, has determined the status of the earthquake emergency response for 14 days, starting from January 14-27 2022.

Earthquake Analysis

the epicenter of the Banten earthquake

According to the BMKG statement, the cause of this 6.6 magnitude earthquake was the subduction activity of the Indonesia-Australia plate that plunged under the Eurasian plate. According to calculations, this plate is located along the bottom of the island of Java to Nusa Tenggara.

Although the impact of the shock was felt over a wide area, the BMKG explained that the earthquake in the Sunda Strait did not cause a tsunami. There was panic about the presence of a tsunami due to history which recorded that an earthquake and tsunami had occurred in this same location.