KCJB Dynamic Test Takes Place Today

KCJB High-Speed Railway

The Jakarta-Bandung Fast Train (KCJB) enters a new chapter. Today, Wednesday (16/11), is the most historic day for Indonesian transportation. There will be a KCJB dynamic test within the framework of the G20 Showcase.

This trial was witnessed virtually by President Jokowi and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The first KCJB inspection train started testing the high-speed rail on Thursday, November 10, 2022. During the preparation for the dynamic test, the KCJB inspection train series went up to DK126 or Casting Yard 4 with limited speed. In preparation for this dynamic test, an acceleration test was carried out up to a speed of 80 km per hour.

GM Corporate Secretary of PT KCIC, Rahadian Ratry, said that previously during the preparation for the dynamic test which was held on 10 November 2022, the electrical system was already on. Apart from that, motion tests, braking systems on inspection trains to signaling tests were also carried out.

“This inspection train is a train that will be used in dynamic tests,” said Rahadian.

The dynamic test of the KCJB inspection train series took part in the G20 showcase on November 16 today. This dynamic test process will be witnessed by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, and the President of China Xi Jinping via teleconference. Apart from seeing the dynamic test process, the two heads of state will also witness the sophistication of the KCJB inspection train technology.

Today’s dynamic test process will be carried out 15 km from Tegalluar Station to Casting Yard 4 in the Kopo area, Bandung City. In the dynamic test process, the inspection train will run at a limited speed of up to a maximum of 80 km per hour, or not up to a maximum speed of 300 km per hour.

As previously reported, KCIC management has prepared a way so that the trial can still be witnessed by the two Heads of State during the G20 Summit which took place in Bali.

“Regarding the dynamic test at the upcoming G20 Showcase, the dynamic test process will be witnessed via teleconference by Indonesian President Joko Widodo and Chinese President Xi Jinping from Bali,” said KCIC Corporate Secretary Rahadian Ratry.

Preparation for internal dynamic tests was carried out by KCIC on November 6, 2022. A few days ago the Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) and Comprehensive Inspection Train (CIT) as well as railway facilities were installed and reported to be functioning as expected.

Meanwhile, in Tegalluar, the installation of the electrical system for stations and depots has been declared complete. Likewise, the Upper Flow Electricity (LAA) installation will be used for the operational needs of KCJB at the G20 Showcase.

Turning to the track, the track laying activity from the Tegalluar Depo to DK 127+134 has been completed for both directions. This path will be used for dynamic test needs.

Rahadian said that currently, his party is just carrying out a series of gradual tests ranging from static to dynamic tests to measure the capabilities of the features in KCJB.

“Currently our focus is on conducting various tests in stages for the G20. Whether it’s testing the train features or railway facilities. Of course, we hope that everything will run smoothly without any problems,” he explained.