Bali Police Record 1,608 Traffic Violations by Foreign Nationals during 2023

Bali Police Record 1,608 Traffic Violations by Foreign Nationals during 2023
Bali Police Record 1,608 Traffic Violations by Foreign Nationals during 2023

The Bali Provincial Police (Polda Bali) has compiled a record of 1,608 instances where Foreign Nationals (FNs) have been found to have violated traffic regulations on the renowned Island of Bali. These records have been meticulously gathered from the commencement of January up to July in the year 2023.

Commissioner Pol Soelistijono, the Head of Polda Bali’s Operational Bureau (Karo Ops), shared insights on this matter during a press conference at the Bali Regional People’s Representative Council (DPRD) on a Monday (7/8). He stated, “The cumulative total of traffic violations involving FNs from January to July 2023 amounts to a substantial 1,608 cases.”

Predominantly, these transgressions committed by FNs in Bali encompass infractions like not adhering to helmet usage, being remiss in carrying vehicle-related documentation, and violating regulations pertaining to Vehicle Registration Plates (TNKB) which includes cases of lacking license plates altogether or employing counterfeit ones.

The data also indicates a potential uptick in traffic accidents or lakalantas among foreign nationals. In the previous year of 2022, there were documented 68 lakalantas incidents involving FNs in Bali. This year has already witnessed 51 such occurrences, and this number remains prone to further increases.

Soelistijono elaborated, saying, “The frequency of lakalantas incidents involving foreign nationals was 35 in the year 2021. This escalated to 68 in 2022, and startlingly, in the initial seven months of 2023, we have already recorded 51 such cases.”

Taking a deeper dive into the unfolding scenario, it’s been observed that over the course of 2023, encompassing the months until July, the local police have taken into custody a total of 60 FNs who have been implicated in various criminal activities across Bali. A significant portion of these individuals hails from countries such as Australia, Russia, the United States, and England.

Soelistijono added, “Australians, notably, continue to constitute a major proportion of these criminal cases. They consistently secure positions among the top five nationalities in these circumstances. Subsequently, we see involvement from Russia, the United States, and England.”

These apprehensions, amounting to 60 FNs, are a direct response to the 55 cases that were uncovered through diligent policing efforts.

Of note, a particularly highlighted incident involves an Australian citizen who engaged in an act of assault against his own partner. Law enforcement personnel from the Denpasar Regional Police, Bali, apprehended the individual in question. During the apprehension, law enforcement discovered items like three long-barreled airsoft guns, two short-barreled airsoft guns, and two foldable knives. The case is actively being managed by the Denpasar Regional Police.

In the realm of narcotics-related offenses, authorities have taken legal actions against 56 FNs. Soelistijono hypothesized that this number might continue to rise as the year progresses, possibly reaching its peak by the conclusion of the year 2023.

Simultaneously, Police Inspector General Ida Bagus Kade Putra Narendra, who serves as the Bali Provincial Police Chief, remains unwavering in his commitment to firmly address a spectrum of violations taking place within the geographical confines of his jurisdiction. This includes those perpetrated by foreign nationals.

“We maintain a consistent practice of collaborating with immigration and customs authorities. When dealing with foreign nationals, their regulation squarely falls under the purview of immigration. By operating in a synchronized manner, we contribute to a cohesive and coordinated approach,” he affirmed.