5 Free Toll Roads That Can Be Passed to Welcome Eid


Welcoming a major religious event in Indonesia, several toll roads are not yet operating commercially but have functioned as alternative routes to break the burden of congestion.

Usually, the functionally operated toll roads are still not subject to tariffs. So travelers can try out this new toll road for free.

The following toll segments will be used during the Lebaran holiday period:

  1. Jakarta – Cikampek II South
    The new Jakarta – Cikampek toll road will be functionally operated during the Eid period. However, the new operating section is the Kutanegara – Sadang section which is devoted to alternative Eid backflow from the east to Jakarta.

It is planned that the section will be able to be crossed from 06.00 WIB – to 18.00 WIB situationally depending on the discretion of the Police.

Later this alternative route can be passed by travelers from Sta 62+000 – Sta 53+500 from the Cipularang toll road towards Jakarta. However, only small cars are allowed to use the toll road.

To access this toll road, road users can enter via SS Sadang which is located at KM 76 of the Cileunyi – Purwakarta – Padalarang (Cipularang) toll road. As for the journey to Jakarta later, you will still have to pass a 15 – 20 kilometer non-toll road to re-enter the Jakarta Cikampek toll road, via GT Karawang Timur at KM 54.

  1. Access the KM 149 Padalarang Toll Road – Cileunyi
    Later the connecting road between the Padalarang – Cileunyi toll road or the Gedebage toll exit at KM 149 will also be functionally operated. This was explained by the Secretary of the Toll Road Regulatory Agency (BPJT) Triono Junoasmono.

“Then the KM 149 toll road access Padalarang – Cileunyi toll road serves road users from Buah Batu to Gedebage and vice versa,” Triono said in a statement quoted on Tuesday (26/4/2022).

To note, this toll gate can be used by Bandung residents heading towards Gedebage, Margahayu Raya, Ujungberung, Cinunuk, to Arcamanik.

  1. Cileunyi – Sumedang – Dawuan (Cisumdawu) section 2 & 3
    The next section of the Cisumdawu toll road, namely the Pamulihan – Sumedang section, will also be functionally operated. However, this operation depends on the discretion of the Police, which is an emergency.

“It will be functionalized at the discretion of the Police in this case Korlantas for an emergency if it can be used from 8.00 to 17.00 WIB,” explained Triono.

Separately, the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, confirmed that the Cisumdawu toll road section 3 of the Sumedang – Cimalaka section can also be used.

“The Cisumdawu toll road can be used until the Cimalaka toll exit,” said Kang Emil in Bandung, citing CNN Indonesia, Friday (22/4/2022).

By operating the entire Cisumdawu toll road although functionally, travelers heading towards Sumedang to Majalengka no longer need to pass through Cadas Pangeran and can use the Cisumdawu toll road to the Cimalaka toll exit.

  1. Pekanbaru – Bengkinang Toll Road
    Turning to Sumatra, Hutama Karya as the largest concession holder for the Trans Sumatra toll road will also operate the toll road functionally.

First, the Pekanbaru – Pangkalan section 1 section of the Pekanbaru – Bengkinang toll road is 31 kilometers long.

Hutama Karya has also carried out a functional feasibility test (ULF) for this section on April 13-14. The plan is that this segment will be opened on D-7 or April 26, 2022, until the return flow on H+7 on May 9, 2022, which operates at 08.00 – 16.00 WIB.

“We hope that the functional opening of the Pekanbaru – Bengkinang, and Bengkulu – Taba Penanjung toll roads can have a significant impact on travelers, especially in the areas around Bengkulu and Riau,” said Director of Operations III Hutama Karya, Koentjoro, quoted Tuesday (26/4/2022).

  1. Bengkulu – Taba Penanjung
    Likewise with the Pekanbaru – Bengkingan toll road. The 17.6 km Lubuk Linggau – Curup – Bengkulu section of the Bengkulu – Taba Penanjung toll road will also operate functionally from April 26 to May 9.

The operating time of this toll road is only from 09.00 – 17.00 WIB, which is only intended for class I.

Koentjoro explained that for the two functionally operated Hutama Karya toll roads, there are still no tariffs. However, toll road users still have to tap to be able to cross the freeway.