Jack Ma’s View on AI: Don’t Let it Get Out of Control!

ChatGPT Integration Across Various Applications. (photo: Rolf van Root - Unsplash)

The rapid development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has brought about significant changes and disruptions in human society. One of the world’s billionaires, Jack Ma, spoke about the progress of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, particularly since the emergence of the popular chatbot ChatGPT.

He conversed with teachers at a school about the impact of ChatGPT, stating that “Technology like ChatGPT brings new challenges to the world of education, but this technology is just the beginning of the era of artificial intelligence,” as quoted from Weixin on Monday (3/4/2023).

Furthermore, Ma emphasized that AI should play a role as an assistant to human activities, rather than replacing human roles. “Although human physical and mental strength is weaker than that of machines, humans have hearts,” he said.

He also encouraged humans to play a role in the future development of AI technology, suggesting that AI technology cannot be let go uncontrolled.

Ma’s appearance in China is considered a breath of fresh air for the economy. Previously, Ma fled from the Middle Kingdom after facing a series of pressures from the government.

Last week, Alibaba announced a massive restructuring, dividing its business into six units. Alibaba’s shares rose after the restructuring, up 12% on the Hong Kong stock exchange and 14% on Wall Street.

“This strategy is designed to enhance competitiveness and shareholder value,” a company spokesperson said. Looking back two years ago, this was considered unlikely to happen.

At that time, the Chinese government vehemently opposed the expansion of technology companies that had become conglomerate dynasties.

The government’s softened stance towards Jack Ma and others is not without reason. Over the past two years, China’s economy has been hit hard by strict COVID policies.

Additionally, regulations that constrain the development of the technology sector have also slowed down the economy. Now, the government is targeting economic growth of around 5% this year.

To achieve this, China realizes that it needs the help of the private sector, particularly the technology industry. Moreover, China is also facing global pressure with TikTok being blocked everywhere.

As information, Jack Ma finally returned to his hometown in China after about two years of wandering. This shows that President Xi Jinping is starting to soften towards the billionaire and the technology industry as a whole.

One of Ma’s first agendas is to visit Yungu School, a private school funded by Alibaba and located in Hangzhou.