A Woman Gave Birth When Positive for Corona and Ended Up Dying While Hugging A Baby


    Now the baby named Kirey lives alone. His mother, grandfather and grandmother died from exposure to Corona.

    The story began with Svetlana Sorochinskaya, a woman from Russia who visited her father, Kirey Pinchin, at the hospital where heart surgery was located. The operation was actually successful, but the father died on November 5 due to being infected with Corona.

    Not long after, Svetlana visited the hospital again for the control of her baby. But when tested for Covid, it turned out that this 36-year-old woman was also positive for Corona.

    Svetlana was then hospitalized because she had severe symptoms. Three days later, Svetlana gave birth prematurely.

    Tragically, a few hours after giving birth, Svetlana’s life could not saved. She died while hugging her baby who was named Kirey after her father’s name.

    After two tragic deaths due to Corona, Svetlana’s mother died in the hospital hallway because there was no hospital room available.

    Baby Kirey is now alone and is still being treated in hospital. Svetlana’s divorced father Kirey has yet to come to take Kirey.

    Corona cases in Russia are now quite high, reaching more than 2.2 million. Every day there are 26 thousand new cases. The Russian Covid Task Force reported that within 24 hours 368 people had died.