Government Budgeted IDR 392 Trillion for Infrastructure 2023

Railway line Project in Sulawesi

The Indonesian government continues to develop national infrastructure. They have budgeted Rp 392 trillion for next year’s development. One of the budgets is used for the construction of the New State Capital.

“Priority infrastructure is Rp. 392.02 trillion, consisting of central government spending of Rp. 213.4 trillion and transfers to the regions of Rp. 93 trillion and financing of around Rp. 85.7 trillion,” said Director General of Budget Isa Rachmatarwata, during a meeting with the DPR RI Budget Agency. , Tuesday (20/9/2022).

“The policy for infrastructure development in 2023 is to accelerate basic infrastructure for basic fulfillment. Economic transformation, including energy, food and transportation, and gradual and sustainable IKN development,” explained Isa.

The government will also increase the synergy and integration of funding between KL, central and regional, and the Government and Business Entity Cooperation (PPP) scheme.

Some of the infrastructures that will be built next year are:

  1. Ministry of PUPR
    Development, optimization, and rehabilitation of basic service infrastructure, connectivity, water resources, and housing include:
    -Construction of 489.09 km of new roads and 49 km of expressways
    -Construction of 10,372 m new bridge
    -Construction of 3,511 new Flats
    -Construction of 3,361 new Special House units
    -Construction of a Drinking Water Supply System (SPAM) with a capacity of 1,799 liters/second
    -Continuing construction of 23 units of dams (13 units of dam completed) and new construction started of 7 units of dam Construction and rehabilitation of 6,900 and 98,700 Ha irrigation networks respectively
  2. Ministry of Transportation
    Fulfillment of connectivity infrastructure and improvement of transportation services, including:
    -6,724 km Railway Line length (cumulative) Construction of 6 new Airport locations
    -Construction of 8 new ferry ports
  3. Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources
    Continuing the fulfillment of energy infrastructure, including:
    -Fuel to CNG Converter Kit for Farmers and
    Fisherman 43,560 units
    -Construction of Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline Cirebon-
    Semarang Phase I (Semarang-Stem Section) 62.4
    km (multiyears 2022-2023)
    -Construction of 144 Rooftop PV mini-grid
  4. Ministry of Communication and Informatics
    -Continuing the development of telecommunications and digital infrastructure, especially in the 3T area, including:
    -Construction of new BTS/Last mile in 332 Locations Provision of 9,755 new internet access points
    -Provision of satellite capacity of 37 Gbps
    -National Data Center Development in 2 Locations
  5. Ministry of Agriculture
    -Fulfillment of infrastructure and provision of facilities and infrastructure in the field of Agriculture includes:
    -Tertiary Irrigation Network 3,213 Ha
    -Agricultural Reservoir 391 units Land Optimization 521 km2