Attention to Tourists! Admission Fees for Lempuyang Temple Set to Increase from March 2024

Attention to Tourists! Admission Fees for Lempuyang Temple Tourists Set to Increase from March 2024
Attention to Tourists! Admission Fees for Lempuyang Temple Tourists Set to Increase from March 2024

Amidst the scenic landscapes of Bali, a notable change is on the horizon for tourists, both local and international, planning to visit the iconic Lempuyang Temple. Starting from March 2024, there will be adjustments in the admission fees, impacting not only foreign visitors but also domestic tourists and shuttle bus services.

This decision stems from an agreement aligning with traditional practices and tourism management strategies. Presently, the entrance fee stands at Rp 55,000 for international tourists and Rp 30,000 for domestic visitors, alongside a shuttle bus fee of Rp 40,000, inclusive of sarong rentals and guided tours.

Nyoman Jati, the Head of Purwayu Traditional Village, sheds light on the rationale behind the impending increase. It’s attributed to a 10 percent tax levy enforced by the Karangasem Regency Government, effective since January 1, 2024, specifically targeting the tourism sector within Karangasem.

Explaining the process further, Nyoman Jati mentions the forthcoming coordination efforts among guides, management personnel, and customary authorities to determine the adjustments. This collaborative endeavor aims to ensure continued revenue for all stakeholders post the 10 percent tax deduction, with the final ticket pricing likely to be finalized by early March.

Recent observations indicate a decline in visitor numbers to the Lempuyang Temple Tourist Attraction compared to the previous year. Daily footfall now hovers around 500 individuals, predominantly comprising international tourists. This marks a significant drop of approximately 50 percent from the average of 1,000 visitors recorded in 2023.

The precise reasons for this decline remain unclear, prompting Nyoman Jati to express hope for a resurgence in tourist activity come 2024. With nearly 90 percent of visitors in 2023 being international tourists, efforts are underway to bolster domestic tourism and encourage more local explorations.

Moreover, this adjustment mirrors similar measures taken in other renowned tourist destinations within the region. Notably, attractions like the Tirta Gangga Water Park in Ababi Village and Sukasada Park in Tumbu Village have already implemented revised ticket pricing since January 2024.

Looking ahead, similar adjustments are anticipated for admission to the revered Besakih Temple, slated for April 2024. These changes underscore the ongoing efforts to strike a balance between sustaining tourism revenue and preserving cultural heritage.