These are Airplane Travel’s New Requirements

Airplane travel requirements

For those of you who have already second vaccinated, one of these conditions will no longer apply. Previously, the results of the PCR test were a requirement for domestic flights’ departure. But now the rule does not apply to passengers who have received the second vaccine.

There is a waiver of travel requirements in using public transportation. Especially in airplanes in category levels 2 and 4 Java-Bali, these requirements are valid until September 6, 2021. The regulation is contained in the Instruction of the Minister of Internal Affairs Number 38 of 2021.

  • For passengers who have received the second dose of vaccine, it is enough to do an antigen test on D-1 before departure. Meanwhile, for passengers who still receive the first dose of vaccination, a PCR test is required within the D-2 period of departure.
  • Meanwhile, the requirements for users of private transportation modes, trains, buses, and ships are required to show a negative test result for the D-1 antigen on departure and a vaccine card for at least the first dose.
  • This rule only applies to arrivals from outside Java and Bali or departures from Java and Bali to outside Java and Bali. This rule doesn’t apply to transportation within agglomeration areas, such as Jabodetabek.
  • Flights between cities or districts within Java-Bali can show a negative result of antigen (D-1) provided that the second dose of vaccination has been obtained, and a negative result of D-2 PCR if you have just received the first vaccine dose.
  • Drivers of logistics and other goods transportation vehicles are exempt from the requirement to have a vaccine card.