Attention! Electronic Vehicle Ownership Document Will Be Issued This Year

Electronic Vehicle Ownership Document or BPKB Kendaraan Will Be Issued This Year

Digitalization in Indonesia is running fast in all aspects of life. Most recently, the Vehicle Ownership Document (BKPB) will soon have a legal electronic form this year. Procurement of this electronic BPKB also aims to minimize BPKB pawnshop fraud.

For this reason, the Traffic Corps (Korlantas) of the Indonesian National Police cooperates with Pawnshops and banks to produce an electronic Vehicle Ownership Document(BPKB).

The Resident Director of Korlantas Polri, Brigadier General Pol Yusri Yunus said that this was done to minimize BPKB pawnshop fraud.

“Later it will be integrated with leasing, pawnshops, and banks. Why are there pawnshops and banks, because many BPKBs are mortgaged,” said Yusri at the National Police Public Relations Building, Thursday (26/1/2023).

He said that this integration also aims to make cases of fraudulent loss of BPKB for pawning easy to uncover.

Yusri explained that later in this electronic BPKB there will be a chip that is directly connected to the history of the vehicle.

“Now there is technology, there is historical vehicle data from the vehicles themselves, including from which vehicle was the first here,” he explained.

Furthermore, Yusri also said that later the BPKB transfer would run quickly unlike now which requires a long time.

“The mutation doesn’t last for one day, it doesn’t take half a day when all the requirements have been followed,” said Yusri.

Furthermore, the electronic BPKB will be shaped like a passport equipped with a chip. In fact, he said, later the chip in the BPKB could be connected to a smartphone via the NFC feature.

According to Yusri, new vehicles now have an electronic BPKB. The conventional BPKB was originally in the form of an ordinary book. He added that the electronic BPKB would also be developed so that later it would become a digital archive containing the history of the owner and the vehicle.