In Mid-2023, the Government Will Build 47 Apartments for State Civil Apparatus at IKN

apartment (illustration)

The construction of the New Capital City (IKN), located in East Kalimantan, continues. In the middle of this year, the government will build 47 apartment towers for the State Civil Apparatus (ASN), army (TNI), and police in the IKN Nusantara.

Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono, after a meeting with President Joko Widodo at the Presidential Palace, Jakarta, Monday (30/1/2023), confirmed that the construction should start in June – July 2023.

This residence, which consumes a budget of IDR 9.4 trillion, will accommodate approximately 16,900 people who work in the archipelago. The details are approximately 11,000 ASN and 5,000 TNI – Polri.

Basuki ensured that this apartment was an official residence for the State Civil Apparatus (ASN). Later there will also be landed houses that can be purchased, but specifically for ASN, TNI, and Polri.

Basuki also revealed that the reason for making flats for ASN housing was due to the IKN concept which carries a forest city. Whereas the construction of a tread house makes more land needed.

Following the concept that does not want to take up too much land and cut a lot of forests, the housing form chosen is a tower. As is known, the tower form does not spread.

For the record, there are 47 towers of flats consisting of 31 towers for ASN in the west residence, 9 towers for Paspampres, 4 towers for Polri, and 3 BIN towers. The flats for ASN are of the same class as apartments and each tower has an average of 12 floors.

Because ASN consists of various levels, the construction of apartment units will also be differentiated. For example, the higher the rank of the ASN, the more spacious the apartment will be. Meanwhile, the area of the ASN apartment unit is at least 98 square meters.

Throughout 2023, the government has disbursed at least IDR 24 trillion for the construction of the IKN.

Basuki, Friday (27/1/2023), explained that this year the government has budgeted IDR 24 trillion for the construction of IKN. In general, the current development progress is around 14%, which includes land development, logistics roads, toll roads, housing, and offices.

“The workers’ housing is almost finished, they want to enter. Already 500 people entered inhabit there. The toll road started two months ago. There are 30 partied jobs whose contracts have been signed, so they have started,” he said.

On the other hand, the Head of the IKN Infrastructure Development Implementation Task Force, Danis Hidayat, said that although in general, the progress of IKN development is around 14%, the progress of each development project in IKN is different.