International Event: ASEAN Smart City Network 2023 to be Held in Bali

International Event: ASEAN Smart City Network 2023 to be Held in Bali

The Annual Summit of the ASEAN Smart City Network (ASCN), now in its sixth edition, is set to take place in the captivating island of Bali on July 12-13. This highly anticipated event serves as a platform for addressing a wide range of urban challenges faced by cities in the region, encompassing critical areas such as transportation, housing, environmental preservation, and public safety. These issues have become deeply ingrained in the fabric of today’s cities, demanding innovative solutions and a collaborative approach.

The summit will commence with welcome remarks from the esteemed Minister of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Muhammad Tito Karnavian, followed by insightful remarks from Dr. Kao Kim Hourn, the Secretary-General of ASEAN.

To mark the official opening of the summit, Safrizal ZA, the National Representative of ASCN Indonesia and Chairman for 2023, together with Lim Chze Cheen from the ASEAN Secretariat, will deliver their opening statements, setting the tone for the discussions ahead.

With participants hailing from the ten ASEAN member countries, including the ASEAN Smart City Network National Representatives (NRs), Chief Smart City Officers (CSCOs), officials from the ASEAN Secretariat, and representatives from various government agencies and private sectors, the Annual Meeting of ASCN 2023 promises to be a remarkable gathering of key stakeholders in the realm of urban development.

Indonesia, as the host country, aims to foster collaboration among ASCN members in the pursuit of sustainable and distinctive smart cities that cater to the needs of their respective populations. Safrizal ZA, also the Director-General for Regional Administration Development at the Ministry of Home Affairs, highlights the holistic approach Indonesia adopts in its smart city initiatives.

It goes beyond the mere integration of cutting-edge technologies and digitalization, placing equal emphasis on urban management strategies that enhance the government’s understanding of community issues and facilitate effective solutions.

At the heart of the discussions lie the core principles of ASCN—to enhance the lives of urban dwellers in ASEAN—keeping in mind the dynamic challenges posed by rapid urbanization and digital transformation. The focus is on specific urban issues, such as empowering micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), reducing carbon emissions, fostering sustainable development, establishing integrated transportation systems, and facilitating ease of doing business.

By recognizing the pilot cities of ASCN in Indonesia, namely DKI Jakarta, Kota Makassar, and Kabupaten Banyuwangi, Safrizal ZA underscores the tangible impact of urban development endeavors that prioritize community-centric solutions. These cities serve as living laboratories for smart city innovations, showcasing the power of collaborative efforts and inclusive urban governance.

As the ASCN Annual Summit converges in Bali, it echoes the shared commitment of ASEAN member countries to address the pressing challenges faced by cities in the region.

The event aligns with the vision of the ASEAN Smart City Framework and contributes to the region’s sustainable development agenda. It underscores the importance of embracing technology and innovative solutions while maintaining a keen focus on social, environmental, and economic sustainability.

The ASCN Annual Summit serves as a testament to the dedication of ASEAN member countries in fostering smart and sustainable cities. It provides a platform for knowledge exchange, collaborative partnerships, and the sharing of best practices to create cities that are not only technologically advanced but also people-centric, resilient, and harmonious. This gathering reinforces the commitment to building a prosperous and inclusive ASEAN community, where cities thrive as vibrant hubs of innovation, prosperity, and quality of life.