Regarding the Ban on Mountain Climbing in Bali, Sandiaga Uno Advises: “Let’s Not Jump to Negative Conclusions”

Sandiaga Uno
The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno

Sandiaga Uno, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, has shared his perspective on the issue of the ban on mountain climbing in Bali, urging people to withhold negative assumptions. Sandiaga has chosen to adopt a wait-and-see approach, withholding judgment until the specific details of the policy are announced.

Maintaining an optimistic outlook, Sandiaga Uno believes that Bali’s thriving tourism industry, including its transportation and accommodation sectors, will not be significantly affected by the proposed ban on mountain climbing. Despite the potential restriction, Sandiaga remains confident that tourists visiting the Island of Gods will continue to enjoy a wide range of tourism offerings.

“Let us refrain from jumping to negative conclusions. Instead, let us patiently await the unveiling of the specific policies,” Sandiaga expressed during an episode of The Weekly Brief with Sandi Uno on Monday (June 12).

Furthermore, Sandiaga Uno emphasized the continual enhancement of Bali’s tourism quality, highlighting the sustained high influx of foreign visitors. “Through our targeted promotional efforts, we have managed to attract over 15,000 international tourists per day,” stated the politician who recently joined the PPP political party.

On a separate note, Governor Wayan Koster remains steadfast in his commitment to prohibit the ascent of 22 mountains in Bali, citing their sacred significance. According to Koster, there is substantial support for this policy, as it aligns with the preservation of Bali’s natural sanctity, including its majestic peaks.

“It is paramount that we safeguard the sanctity of Bali’s nature. Any destruction of these sacred elements would only lead to the degradation of our island’s natural purity,” Wayan Koster emphasized, as quoted by Detik (June 2).

In light of these developments, Wayan Koster has urged the mountain guides of Bali to carefully consider the long-term implications of their decisions. By imposing restrictions on mountain climbing activities, Bali’s tourism industry can be sustained while ensuring the preservation of the mountains’ sanctity.

“We mustn’t sacrifice the broader interests of Bali’s tourism industry for the sake of a few individuals who work as mountain guides. It is essential that we strive for the sustainable development of tourism in Bali,” emphasized Governor Wayan Koster.