Attack On Nigerian Mosque Kills Five Worshipers


An armed group attacked a mosque in Zamfara state, Nigeria, killing five worshipers.

As reported by the Turkish news agency, Anadolu Agency, Monday (23/11), the armed group also kidnapped about 40 people. The imam of the mosque is one of the people who were also kidnapped.

According to Zamfara police spokesman Muhammad Shehu, they immediately dispatched security forces to the scene. Investigators are also investigating the incident.

Armed conflicts often occur in that region. The warring groups involved the Fulani who live in the West African region, with tribes living in neighboring countries.

The Fulani tribe moved to the south to raise livestock. However, they accuse their livestock of being stolen by local farmers, and injuring them.

Armed groups often use the situation to take advantage and carry out attacks.

2,000 residents died as a result of the conflict. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of residents were forced to flee.

The local government held a meeting to discuss on a peace agreement, which was attended by various groups in August 2019. As a result, 2,000 people decided to hand over their weapons to the authorities.