Celebrating The National Heroes Day, President Bestowed 4 New Names


President Joko Widodo bestowed the title of national hero to four deceased figures. The title was given in a ceremony held at the State Palace, Jakarta, Wednesday 11 November 2021

This awarding is stated in Presidential Decree (Keppres) Numbers 109 and 110 TK of 2021 concerning the Conferment of the National Hero Title and the Honorary Star of Service.

Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Mahfud Md previously said that this decision was made because they inspired them to build an independent and sovereign Indonesia and or participate in the struggle to advance Indonesia so that independence would be more meaningful.

The four figures who were given the title ranged from kings to directors. The four were Kunciotutu from Central Sulawesi, Sultan Aji Muhammad Idris from East Kalimantan, Usmar Ismail from DKI Jakarta, and Raden Aria Wangsakara from Banten.


Kunciotutu was a respected king in Parigi Moutong, Central Sulawesi. As a king, Kunciotutu was at the forefront of resistance against the Dutch colonialists at that time. It has been told that the submission efforts to make Kunciotutu a national hero have been voiced since the 1990s.

Sultan Aji Muhammad Idris

He is the 14th sultan of the Kutai Kartanegara ing Martadipura Sultanate. He ruled this sultanate from 1735 to 1778. In the history of the Kutai Kartanegara ing Martadipura Sultanate, Sultan Aji Muhammad Idris was the first sultan to bear an Islamic nuanced name. Sultan Aji Muhammad Idris is the son-in-law of Sultan Wajo La Madukelleng who left for Tanah Wajo, South Sulawesi.
As for Usmar Ismail, he is known as the father of Indonesian cinema because of his slick works. Throughout his career, Usmar Ismail has made more than 30 films. Some of Usmar Ismail’s famous films are Pedjuang (1960), Six Djam di Djogja (1956), Tiga Dara (1956), and Dara’s Dormitory (1958).

Raden Aria Wangsakara

He is known as a fighter against Dutch colonialism. He is a descendant of the King of Sumedang Larang, Sultan Syarif Abdulrohman. Together with two of her relatives, namely Aria Santika and Aria Yuda Negara, Aria Wangsakara fled to Tangerang because she did not agree with her siblings who sided with the VOC. Aria Wangsakara who was once lined up as an adviser to the Mataram Kingdom spread the teachings of Islam.

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source: tempo, kompas