Circuit for World SBK Race is Painted with Batik Motif

sirkuit batik
Youtube :Pujut Mandalika,

The Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit, which will hold the WorldSBK Indonesia race, is painted with batik motifs.

These batik motifs were made in the run-off area of the 15th and 16th corners of the circuit.

It looks like a red base color with some white paint motifs that have been scratched on the run-off area.

According to, The circuit coloring process must follow the standards of the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM). In documents published by the FIM, the color used for this batik painting is past the standard.

Kerb is the side of the circuit that is marked with colors. So, the color pick for the batik motif is not only for aesthetical meaning.

At the run-off in the Misano circuit, you can see the scratch written “Misano Circuit SIC58”. Above the writing, there is a motif that combines red, white, black, yellow, and blue.