Do Not Park Haphazardly in Denpasar If You Don’t Want to Get Tire Deflation

Joint officers curbed vehicles parked carelessly on Jalan Pulau Nias, Denpasar City, near Prof Ngoerah Hospital, Denpasar. (Doc. Denpasar Police)

Residents of Denpasar, as well as local and international tourists, are now urged to exercise caution when choosing parking spots for their vehicles. This call to action comes in response to a new initiative by the Denpasar City Transportation Office in Bali. Their officers are diligently carrying out a tire deflation campaign targeting vehicles parked illegally along Pulau Nias Street, Bali.

Ketut Sriawan, the Head of the Denpasar City Transportation Office, has elaborated on the rationale behind this measure. He emphasized that this step has become necessary as Jalan Pulau Nias can no longer be considered an alternative route for travelers.

“Jalan Pulau Nias is now under close scrutiny due to its status as no longer being an alternative route, primarily because Jalan Pulau Bali is being utilized for the construction of a hospital,” stated Sriawan.

In addition to tire deflation efforts, there are plans to implement road closures to eliminate any available space that might be used for unauthorized parking.

A notable precedent to this recent campaign involved a joint task force of 49 individuals, representing various agencies such as the TNI, Polri, Transportation Office, Satpol PP, RPKAD, Organda, Perumda Bhukti Praja Sewakadarma, and the Public Works and Public Housing Office of Denpasar. They were deployed to oversee and enforce effective traffic policies in the vicinity of IGNG Ngoerah Hospital.

Sriawan has pointed out that these measures are all part of an overarching strategy aimed at enhancing traffic safety and improving road transportation conditions within the city of Denpasar. The ultimate goal is to create a more comfortable and secure environment for all road users.

As a result of these proactive measures, a total of 99 vehicles have been brought into compliance. This includes 43 vehicles whose owners were issued warnings, six four-wheeled vehicles that received visible reminders in the form of stickers, and 50 two-wheeled vehicles that similarly received stickers as reminders of the parking regulations.

Sriawan has also highlighted the collaborative efforts made by his office in addressing the parking challenges in the vicinity of Jalan Pulau Nias, particularly in close coordination with Prof. I Gusti Ngoerah Gede (IGNG) Ngoerah Hospital. These cooperative endeavors aim to establish a constructive dialogue and implement effective solutions to alleviate the parking issues in this area.

Further meetings are in the pipeline to ensure ongoing improvements in the parking situation and, by extension, overall road safety and convenience for the public.