Do This to Avoid Your Work Burnouts


Covid-19 made most companies take work from home policies in order to reduce the number of infections.

This procedure unwittingly makes some workers experience burnout, which is a condition when the brain and body are unable to cope with stress on their own.

There are many distractions at home that make it difficult for employees to focus on work. From children, pets to laundry. Ironically what makes people unproductive is when they work too much.

As a result, prolonged stress will appear, as well as cause emotional symptoms or other physical symptoms. Stress due to burnout will trigger a decrease in a person’s immune system, which actually becomes the beginning of various diseases.

Burnout is an accumulation of work that is usually felt while in the office. With conditions that require workers to work from home, burnout is very likely to occur. This happens because the work environment and atmosphere are the same. Consequently, boredom arises and leads to excessive stress levels.

This condition is also triggered by erratic working hours at home, so that a person gets tired more easily, and often do procrastinating.

Here are tips to prevent burnout when working from home!

Create a schedule

Creating a work schedule, rest schedule, and adequate and quality sleep will help you prevent burnout. This will make you more disciplined to do things, and stop on time, so you don’t get so caught up in doing office work without a break.

Make time for your hobby

Because working from home will keep you at home all day long, to prevent burnout between work breaks you can do things you like to prevent excessive stress. In this regard, you can read, listen to music, meditate, watch movies, or do yoga

Consume Healthy Food

Stress due to burnout will hamper your work from home activities. So that your brain cannot work effectively. To prevent burnout, you can eat healthy balanced nutritious foods, such as chocolate, fruits, and green vegetables. Avoid fast food. Always remember that what you consume will affect your health.

Drink milk or vitamins

After eating a balanced nutritious healthy meal, you can balance your food intake by consuming milk or vitamins, so that your body’s health is maintained properly. For those of you who have implemented a diet program, you can consume low-calorie milk.


The best time for outdoor exercise is in the morning. You will be able to get the benefits of sunlight which contains vitamin D from UV rays. Besides, the air in the morning also feels fresher. You can do 30 minutes of exercise every day to launch your metabolism, so you can do your job as usual without experiencing burnout.