Fast Internet Will Support G20 Indonesia

Fast Internet Network

The government ensures that the G20 in Bali, November 15-16, will be facilitated with fast internet. Supporting the government’s steps, Telkom Indonesia will prepare an internet network up to a speed of 100 Megabits.

Telkom has prepared a network capacity of three times greater than normal Bali traffic of 350 Gbps. For the main G20 venue, Telkom has prepared a capacity of 2 x 10 Gbps,

Meanwhile, specifically for Apurva Kempinski, which is the main venue for Heads of State during the G20, the internet will be prepared with a capacity of 3×10 Gbps.

Director of Network and IT Solutions (NITS) Telkom, Herlan Wijanarko, explained that Telkom is ready to oversee the G20 with high internet speeds following requests from the government.

“We have prepared the infrastructure at the G20, starting from a reliable network, and cyber security, to the post which will be the place for our personnel to provide services, both at the airport, Kempinski, and other main venues in Bali. We are ready to provide excellent service to the delegates,” Herlan explained to the media after the G20 Preparatory Appeal at the Telkom Witel Office in Denpasar, Bali, Thursday (11/10/2022).

Furthermore, Telkom has prepared nearly 2,000 personnel to oversee the internet network during the G20 consisting of IT Teams, Field Technicians, and Helpers.

The personnel was brought in from other areas such as Jakarta, Semarang, and Surabaya. The personnel will be spread at the post that has been determined by Telkom.

In terms of security, Telkom has made various efforts to prevent possible cyber attacks during the G20 and has been monitoring cyber attacks all day non-stop.

Herlan also explained that while handling major events in Indonesia such as the Asian Games, and National Sports Week (PON), Telkom received many cyber attacks from hackers at home and abroad. However, this can be handled well.

“Telkom gets cyber attacks all the time, so we are ready to monitor and secure events in this country,” said Herlan.