Unique Moment! Foreign Tourists Participate in August 17th Competitions to Celebrate Indonesian Independence

Unique Moment! Foreign Tourists Participate in August 17th Competitions to Celebrate Indonesian Independence (photo: Fikri Yusuf/ANTARA FOTO)

Indonesia marked its 78th Independence Day on the past Thursday, August 17, 2023. This significant historical event that commemorates the nation’s liberation is typically characterized by a plethora of activities, spanning collective prayers, flag-raising ceremonies, and a diverse range of competitions. Notably, in Bali, the fervor was amplified as numerous Foreign Nationals (FNs) participated enthusiastically in competitions and lively carnivals to celebrate Indonesian independence.

Foreign tourists eagerly engaged in the sack racing contests held as part of the celebrations for Indonesia’s 78th Independence Day in the vibrant Kuta region of Badung, Bali, on the aforementioned Thursday.

The event drew the participation of a multitude of foreigners, underscoring its dual purpose: introducing the rich tapestry of Indonesian culture to these visitors while also fostering an additional layer of festive spirit to the commemoration of Indonesia’s Independence Day.

In another captivating episode, Russian FNs demonstrated their involvement by actively partaking in the basket hook competition, which unfolded in collaboration with the personnel of Eden Hookah Club Seminyak, situated along Jalan Petitenget in Kerobokan Kelod.

Foreign nationals from Russia take part in a basket hook competition with Eden Hookah Club Seminyak employees on Jalan Petitenget, Kerobokan Kelod. (Wahyuni Sari/Tribun-Bali)

Among these spirited participants, one figure stood out—namely, Ilya, who holds the designation of Russian Hookah Master. Accompanied by Indonesian staff members, he exuberantly embraced the collective celebration of Indonesia’s cherished Independence Day.

The assortment of competitions showcased a profound purpose beyond their entertainment value: they sought to cultivate a sense of camaraderie and unity among the club’s employees. Beyond the basket hook event, an array of other activities, including cracker-eating challenges, greased pole climbing, water-slap races, and the traditional sack races, contributed to the festivities.

As gleaned from the insights of Tribun-bali, Ilya’s unbridled enjoyment of the competitions was clearly evident, with his fellow participants extending a helping hand whenever challenges arose. Amidst these trials, he emerged as a standout performer, clinching one of the coveted winners’ positions.

In tandem with Ilya’s spirited involvement, the celebration saw the active engagement of numerous other employees from Eden Hookah Club Seminyak, collectively contributing to the rich tapestry of the August 17th celebrations. A substantial contingent of nearly 100 employees hailing from various sections of the establishment joyfully participated.

However, transcending the realm of energetic competitions, a group of Foreign Nationals earnestly embraced a more solemn element—the flag-raising ceremony. A prominent four-star establishment situated in the Kuta area, Royal Regantris Kuta, meticulously orchestrated the annual independence ceremony, a testament to the hotel’s commitment to acknowledging Indonesia’s historical significance.

While adhering to the solemn essence of such ceremonies, an interesting twist was introduced—foreign nationals hailing from diverse corners of the world attired in traditional Balinese regalia became the focal point of this commemorative event.

 Several foreigners were seen attending the Indonesian Independence Day ceremony in Bali (Photo: Doc. Royal Regantris Kuta)

In a noteworthy declaration, one of the Australian participants, Steve, offered his reflections on this unique experience: “We feel immensely privileged to partake in this independence day ceremony, donning the distinctive cultural attire of Bali. This opportunity to express respect and gratitude for a nation’s journey is truly exceptional. It’s crucial to recognize that not all foreign individuals in Bali are devoid of appreciation; our hope is that our presence serves as a beacon, inspiring fellow foreign visitors to wholeheartedly embrace and honor the host country’s culture, particularly in the context of Bali.”

The convergence of cultures and the shared celebration of Indonesia’s independence underscored a profound harmony that transcended borders and backgrounds, illuminating the significance of unity in diversity.