4 KCJB Carriages Arrive from China, How Much Left?

The KCJB Fast Train Carriages Arrive in Indonesia from China

The Jakarta-Bandung Fast Train (KCJB) will soon be complete. A total of 4 carriages of Electric Multiple Units (EMU) for the second batch have arrived at the Tegalluar Depot after the delivery process from China began on January 13, 2023.

With the arrival of these four carriages, the remaining five carriages will gradually arrive in Indonesia by the end of April 2023.

KCIC General Manager Corporate Secretary Rahadian Ratry explained as many as 4 EMU carriages or 32 KCJB trains had arrived at the Tegalluar Depot. He said there were no significant problems during the process of sending the EMU carriages from the storage location in the Cakung area.

He explained that before the trains were sent, KCIC always carried out a pre-trip inspection to ensure security and safety during the trip to the Tegalluar Depot.

During delivery, each carriage of EMUs is released one by one to be sent individually using a truck with a transport capacity of 279 tons.

In order to maintain the safety of other toll road users, deliveries are also only made on Monday – Thursday from 21.00 to 05.00.

The number of shipments per day is also limited to only 2 train units per trip.

Rahadian said that each EMU delivery trip takes a total of 2 days to ensure the security and safety of officers and all toll road users.

KCIC also ensures that the Tegalluar Depot is in a sterile condition from various heavy equipment so that the EMU carriages can be directly placed on the track. After the EMU trains arrived one by one, the officers immediately reassembled the EMUs for later static and dynamic tests.

Furthermore, the arrival of the 4 carriages of EMUs adds to the list of KCJB EMUs that have arrived in Indonesia to 6 carriages of the 11 carriages planned for KCJB operations.

He added that sending EMU batch 2 to the Tegalluar Depot was part of the preparation for KCJB’s operations.