IKN Will Have Flying Taxi, Trial Scheduled for Next Year

flying taxi

In the forthcoming year, the New Capital of the Nusantara (IKN) is poised to introduce an innovative mode of transportation – the flying taxi. The Capital of the Nusantara Authority (OIKN) has unveiled its plans to conduct test flights of this exciting concept prior to the 79th Indonesian Independence Day, scheduled for August 17, 2024.

Ali Berawi, Deputy for Green and Digital Transformation at OIKN, has elaborated on the extensive preparations underway for this endeavor. These preparations encompass a spectrum of elements, ranging from the development of suitable helipad infrastructure to a meticulous focus on safety protocols.

Berawi shared his insights during an interview conducted at the Indonesian Parliament complex on September 20, 2023, where he expressed the intention to carry out the test flights in the IKN region, specifically in either Balikpapan or Samarinda. These flying taxis are expected to demonstrate an impressive operational range, covering distances spanning from 60 to 100 kilometers, all while achieving speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour.

Intriguingly, Ali Berawi also unveiled the collaborative nature of this project, disclosing that it will be spearheaded by a consortium hailing from South Korea. This consortium boasts key players in the industry, including renowned names such as Hyundai and LG. Moreover, Ali underscored the vital involvement of Indonesian enterprises in the initiative, aiming to equip the local workforce with the technical expertise required to master flying taxi technology.

As for pricing details, Ali Berawi remained transparent about the competitive positioning of the flying taxi fares. While specific tariff structures are still in the process of refinement through collaborative efforts, he assured that the rates would be poised for direct competition with those of premium taxi services. These premium taxi fares are generally benchmarked at approximately Rp750,000 per 100 kilometers.

In summary, the prospects of a forthcoming flying taxi service in the Capital of the Archipelago are undeniably promising. OIKN’s meticulous planning and collaboration with both international and domestic stakeholders are poised to make this innovative transportation option a reality.

As Indonesia continues to make strides in technological advancements and infrastructure development, the introduction of flying taxis is set to be a significant milestone towards a more connected and accessible future.