Indonesia Prepares to Launch Golden Visa Program to Attract Foreign Talent

Indonesia Prepares to Launch Golden Visa Program to Attract Foreign Talent (photo: schengenvisa)

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Sandiaga Uno has announced that the government is preparing to introduce a groundbreaking policy known as the “golden visa” for highly talented foreign individuals. This announcement was made following discussions held on Monday (29/5/2023) with President Joko Widodo and relevant ministers. The golden visa, which is set to be launched in the near future, aims to attract a greater number of exceptionally skilled individuals in fields such as digitization, healthcare, research, and technology.

Sandiaga Uno highlighted the global demand for new talents, particularly in the digital economy sector. In this context, the Menparekraf expressed his hopes that the golden visa policy will not only generate employment opportunities but also position Indonesia as a focal point for future economic advancements. He emphasized the significance of this policy in transforming Indonesia into an epicenter of economic activity, encompassing aspects of sustainability and continuity.

Furthermore, Sandiaga Uno emphasized that the golden visa has the potential to bring about significant positive changes for Indonesia. The policy is expected to not only attract talented individuals from around the world but also encourage global talents to invest in the country.

Sandiaga expressed his optimism, stating that the implementation of the golden visa, with its anticipated duration of 5 to 10 years, will act as a game changer, setting Indonesia apart and paving the way for increased tourist inflows. He highlighted its applicability to both digital nomads and digital entrepreneurs, who will find Indonesia an attractive destination for their investments.

Sandiaga also highlighted the importance of ensuring proper regulations and guidelines for the golden visa. He mentioned that the Ministry of Law and Human Rights will play a crucial role in formulating and announcing the related visa policies and their derivatives. This step is vital to ensure clarity and transparency in the process, guaranteeing that the golden visa aligns with existing legal frameworks.

It initiative represents a notable advancement in accommodating highly talented individuals who can contribute significantly to Indonesia’s economy.

Sandiaga Uno emphasized that the policy is designed to provide a red carpet welcome for foreign investors and industry players, promoting the country’s economic development and progress towards becoming a prosperous nation. This approach is a clear departure from the previous second home visa, which primarily focused on offering a prolonged stay in Indonesia, whereas the golden visa specifically targets foreign talents in the digital, healthcare, and investment sectors, further enhancing the nation’s growth trajectory.