Insurance Death Claims Continue to Decline, Marking a 9.7% Decrease Post-Covid-19 Pandemic

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Insurance Death Claims Continue to Decline, Marking a 9.7% Decrease Post-Covid-19 Pandemic

The Indonesian government’s decision to lift the Covid-19 pandemic status has ushered in positive changes in the nation’s health and immunity. Notably, there has been a continuous decrease in death claims, showcasing a remarkable 9.7% reduction to Rp8.04 trillion in the first nine months of 2023.

This revelation comes from the Indonesian Life Insurance Association (AAJI), shedding light on the shifting landscape of health and insurance dynamics in the post-pandemic era. In comparison, death claims reached Rp8.91 trillion in September 2022. Despite this decline, Edy Tuhirman, the Chairman of Operational Excellence, IT & Digital (Customer Centricity) at AAJI, emphasized the concurrent increase in health claims, reaching a substantial Rp15.24 trillion.

“Surprisingly, health claims have surpassed death claims, witnessing a significant 32.9% year-on-year increase,” explained Edy, reflecting on the evolving trends in insurance patterns, as quoted from his official statement on Thursday (30/11/2023).

This trend of decreasing death claims has been evident since the previous year when the payment for death claims experienced a substantial 43.8% decrease to Rp11.88 trillion throughout 2022. This decline is noteworthy, especially considering that, in the year before, death claims amounted to a staggering Rp21.14 trillion during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Further analysis reveals a 13% reduction in death insurance claims, reaching Rp5.18 trillion in the first half of 2023. In contrast, the previous year recorded death claims amounting to Rp5.96 trillion in the same period.

Discussing the reasons behind this decline in death claims, Novita Rumngangun, the Chairman of Marketing & Communication at AAJI, pointed to the improvement in mortality rates as the Covid-19 pandemic gradually subsided during August 2023.

In summary, from January to September 2023, the life insurance industry disbursed claims and benefits amounting to a substantial Rp122.46 trillion, providing financial support to 7.69 million individuals. Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, the life insurance sector has displayed resilience and adaptability, recording a 4.4% decrease in claims compared to the same period last year.

Meanwhile, data from the Indonesian Ministry of Health, as of November 6, 2023, indicates that confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia have reached 6,813,429. A remarkable recovery rate of 97.6%, translating to 6,646,827 individuals, showcases the nation’s collective efforts in overcoming the pandemic.

Moreover, the recorded death cases stand at 161,918 (2.4%), with no active cases reported. This suggests a robust community immunity against the once-rampant Covid-19 virus, marking a positive turn in the nation’s health narrative.