ISIS Has Claimed Responsibility for the Death of An Afghan Journalist


The ISIS group claimed responsibility for the death of the Afghan female journalist and activist, Malalai Maiwand.

The journalist who was also active in advocating for women’s rights was shot dead in an attack on Thursday (10/12) in Nangarhar Province.

As quoted by AFP, in a statement on its official channel on Telegram, ISIS said Maiwand was targeted because she was “loyal to the apostate Afghan regime”.

ISIS has claimed a number of deadly attacks in Nangarhar Province. Although the Taliban group also operates in the area.

Late Thursday, Afghan authorities said state intelligence agencies had arrested the person involved in Maiwand’s murder.

“Those arrested have also confessed that they attacked her, “ wrote Governor Nangarhar Ziaulhaq Amarkhil on his Facebook page.

Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Arian said two people had been arrested.

Maiwand’s murder sparked a strong reaction from Afghan officials.

“Who has a problem with women working for Afghan society?” Deputy Presidential Spokesman Fatima Murchal said via Twitter.

“These cowardly perpetrators will not be forgiven, even after peace.”

Maiwand is an Enikass TV presenter. This woman who was in her 20s was attacked on her way to work with her driver, Mohammad Tahir in the East City of Jalalabad.

She previously spoke of the difficulties of being a female reporter under Afghanistan’s ultra-conservative patriarchy.

Maiwand’s murder came weeks after Liberty Radio reporter Aliyas Dayee was killed in a car bomb attack in Lashkar Gah.

Human rights organization Human Rights Watch said Dayee had previously received threats from the Taliban group.