Isolation of COVID-19 in Hotels, Patients Will Get These Facilities

Hotel Occupancy in Surabaya-Sidoarjo Reaches 100%

Hotel Max One in the Sabang area, Central Jakarta has begun to accommodate COVID-19 patients with the status of people without symptoms (OTG). Patients who stay at the hotel will receive facilities as the same as in a hospital.

This was conveyed by the CEO of Milestone Pacific Hotel Group (MPHG), Samudera Hendra, to detikcom, Tuesday (13/10/2020).

“The facilities are just exactly the same like in the hospital. Patients are stayed and isolated in the room, and the doctors just need to check everything,” he said.

He said, patients staying at the hotel will be accompanied by medical teams who carry out check-up(s) regularly. Those who are in isolation also received three meals a day.

Meanwhile, patients need to do their matters by themselves in the hotel rooms, for instance changing bed covers and washing the dishes. He said the hotel only provides food and helps patients such as washing towels, like a hospital laundry.

“For medical matters, all will be done by medical officers. We only provide food, the rest is all have to be done by patients in the room,” he explained.

In serving patients, the medical team and employees are not allowed to go home. The hotel is also guarded by security forces.

“The health protocols for employees are using personal protective equipment (PPE) and everyone cannot go home. The health teams also live there, including those who are from the National Armed Force of Indonesia (TNI) who live there to maintain security,” he said.