DKI Jakarta Covid-19 News in the Last Week


The implementation of Community Activity Restrictions or PPKM in all regions of Indonesia which has been carried out since 10 May officially ends today (23/5). Then, how was the condition of Covid-19 in the DKI Jakarta capital city?

The regulation was in line with the Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs (Inmendagri) 24/2022 for PPKM Java-Bali, and Inmendagri 25/2022 for regions outside Java-Bali, which were signed by the Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian.

Previously, the number of regions with PPKM Level 1 status in the Java-Bali region had decreased, from the previous 29 regions, it was reduced to 11 regions. Likewise, the number of regions in PPKM Level 3, decreased from 2 regions to 1 region.

On the other hand, the number of regions with PPKM Level 2 status has increased from 97 regions to 116 regions.

The Jabodetabek agglomeration areas, namely DKI Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi, still have PPKM Level 2 status. It is not yet known whether these areas will still have Level 2 status in the next Java-Bali PPKM extension period.

Condition of Covid-19 in DKI Jakarta

The Covid-19 Handling Task Force reported that the addition of positive confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Jakarta in the past week reached 633 cases, with the highest cases occurring on Wednesday (18/5/2022) with 113 confirmed cases.

As for the details, from May 1 to 7 related to positive confirmation of Covid-19 in Jakarta, 70 cases on May 16, 75 cases on May 17, 113 cases on May 18, 90 cases on May 19, 82 cases on May 20, 93 cases on 21 May, and on 22 May 2022 there were 110 cases.

With this addition, the total positive cases in Jakarta reached 1,249,742 cases on May 22, 2022.

The daily recovery rate in Jakarta increased by 600 people, bringing the total recovered cases from Covid-19 to 1,233,664 cases.

With details, on May 16 increased by 70 people, May 17 75 people, May 18 113 people, May 19 90 people, May 20 82 people, May 21 81 people, and on May 22 2022 as many as 89 people.

Meanwhile, cases of death due to Covid-19 until May 22, 2022, increased by 4 cases, bringing the total to 15,296 people.

Nevertheless, Jakarta is known to have recorded 0 cases on 16, 17, 19, 20, and 21 May 2022. At the same time, the Covid-19 Handling Task Force also recorded active cases or cases that still require treatment or self-isolation until 22 May 2022. 782 patients consisting of 594 Isoman and 188 people who are still undergoing treatment at the hospital.

Furthermore, in the development of the Covid-19 vaccination program, the total number of recipients of dose 1 vaccine was 12,526,283 people, while recipients of dose 2 vaccination on 22 May 2022 increased by 596 people for a total of 10,695,233 people.

Meanwhile, recipients of the 3rd dose of the vaccine increased by 5,690 on May 22, 2022, with the total being more than 3.8 million, or 3,840,611 people to be precise.