The Covid-19 Task Force Alludes to Vaccine Card Regulations Discourse

Vaccine Card Regulations Discourse

Prof. Wiku Adisasmito, the spokesman for the Covid-19 Task Force, responded to the discourse on the Covid-19 vaccination card as a condition for activities in the non-essential sector if there were easing of restrictions at DKI Jakarta. According to him, this policy is still being considered.

“So far, the vaccination card requirement has been used as a travel document to and from the Java and Bali Islands, and the development of its application in other sectors is still being considered,” he said.

Moreover, the Covid-19 vaccination can’t replace health protocols to suppress the Corona transmission.

“It should be stressed because mobility between regions is still going on, for it to ensure the majority of the people are protected from risky activity, then the national vaccination became one of the priorities of the government in controlling the Covid-19 pandemic,” explains Prof. Wiku.

Covid-19 Policy reaffirmed Prof. Wiku requires the calculation of Covid-19 current cases. Both seeing the Corona outbreak in the region and nationally.

“Remember that vaccination can’t replace the effectiveness of 3M in preventing the transmission of Covid-19, because this system needs to be maintained, and work together, complementing, not replacing,” he continued.

Previously, the DKI Jakarta’s Governor, Anies Baswedan planned the requirements for a Covid-19 vaccine card in several activities due to the vaccination coverage has exceeded 7 million people.

“Looking at the fact that in Jakarta the speed of vaccine delivery is quite high, and the reach of those who have been vaccinated has reached 7.5 million. So we decided that the vaccine is part of the stage for community activities,” said Anies on Saturday (July 31, 2021).

“So even if one-day entertainment venues, parks, open space activities are opened, they are also permitted. So at that time, they must also be vaccinated,” he said.