Jakarta Will Still Become a Business Center Even though the Capital Moves

DKI Jakarta
DKI Jakarta

DKI Jakarta will soon not be the capital city of Indonesia. Later, the capital will move to East Kalimantan. Economic growth in Jakarta is increasingly being questioned, including the movement of property investment. However. Jakarta will still be the national business center.

This was conveyed by the Chairman of the DPD REI Jakarta Arvin F. Iskandar. he emphasized that Jakarta would remain a business center, economic center, and national trade center. Jakarta is currently projected to become a global business center.

“Improving the investment climate to make Jakarta a business and economic center on a global scale requires spatial arrangements that can provide legal and rights certainty,” said Arvin in his remarks from the Jakarta REI (Realestat Indonesia) Regional Working Meeting, Thursday (8/9/2022).

For this reason, REI welcomes the issuance of regulation from the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government (Pemprov) which is listed in Pergub 31 of 2022 regarding the detailed plan for the Spatial Planning of the Jakarta Provincial Planning.

Arvin assesses that the regulation has discussed in detail the structural plans, patterns, and space utilization in Jakarta. That way, Jakarta will remain a magnet for business people.

“Jakarta with its history and infrastructure that has been built and good spatial arrangements, with the issuance of the Gubernatorial Regulation No. 31 of 2022 will remain a magnet for business people,” he said.

Today, Thursday (8/9/2022) REI is holding a Regional Working Meeting for the DPD REI DKI Jakarta which will discuss an overview of development planning in Jakarta, including investment potential or business opportunities in this area after being separated from the status of the State Capital of Indonesia.

“REI DKI Jakarta hopes that there will be consistency in the implementation of Pergub No.31/2022, by outlining the details of an investment-friendly spatial plan in realizing Jakarta as an international business and economic center,” he said.

Previously, Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria believed that property investment in Jakarta would continue to have potential, especially with the presence of Governor Regulation No. 31 of 2022.

“The governor’s regulation can be a legal certainty that is fair for the community in the use of space to realize Jakarta as a business and economic center through optimizing the use of productive space,” he explained.