Jokowi Has Prepared a Name for Domestically Made Military Equipment

domestically made Indonesian National Armed Forces Weapon System (Alutsista) (photo:

President Joko Widodo stated that he had prepared a name for the domestically made Indonesian National Armed Forces Weapon System (Alutsista) and military equipment. Jokowi will announce the name next week.

He said this when he demonstrated the skills of some of the combat equipment at the Indo Defense 2022 Expo & Forum at JI Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta, Wednesday.

After the ability demonstration procession, the host of the event invited President Jokowi to convey the names of the three defense equipment systems for domestic products that were introduced in the exhibition.

“I will give the name next week, not today,” said Jokowi briefly in front of some attendees of the Indo Defense 2022 Expo & Forum Exhibition.

The three defense equipment systems are electric motorcycles and tactical vehicles (rantis) made by PT Pindad, as well as an electric motorcycle produced by PT Len Industri.

The two companies are part of the Defense Industry BUMN Holding, DEFEND ID, which was launched by President Jokowi on April 20, along with PT Dirgantara Indonesia, PT PAL Indonesia, and PT Dahana.

On a further occasion, President Jokowi also appreciated the target set by DEFEND ID to enter the top 50 world-class defense industry companies.

The target was conveyed by the President Director of PT Len Industri, which is the parent of DEFEND ID, Bobby Rasyidin.

“I am happy that the President Director of DEFEND ID has conveyed that they are targeting to immediately enter 50 world-class defense companies. Of course, the products we have now must be developed as well as possible,” said Jokowi.

The President also encouraged Indonesia to continue to take active steps in the development of the defense industry, considering the findings of indications of increasing defense budgets in some world countries as well as the emergence of various new technologies in the military world.

“We know that there is an indication that the defense budget in NATO, Middle East, and East Asia has a very drastic upward trend and the emergence of new military technologies, we also need to follow this together,” he said.

Therefore, the Head of State emphasized that the government opens a large space for private companies to be actively involved in the development of Indonesia’s defense industry.

“Whether it’s independently, whether it’s cooperation with the defense industry from abroad. I think this is a very good development and most importantly we can adopt as many new technologies as possible in the military defense sector,” concluded Jokowi.