Jokowi Meets German President to Discuss Investment in Various Sectors


Indonesian President Joko Widodo met German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier at the Bogor Presidential Palace, West Java, Thursday (16/6/2022). This bilateral meeting discussed opportunities to increase cooperation and investment between the two countries.

Jokowi offered Germany cooperation and investment in renewable energy to support Indonesia’s energy transition program.

“I invite Germany to be Indonesia’s partner in cultivating the potential of renewable energy sources in Indonesia,” Jokowi was quoted as saying via the Presidential Secretariat Youtube, Thursday (16/6/2022).

Jokowi also invited Germany to support the establishment of Energy Transition Financing and the carbon market in Indonesia, and research cooperation in the fields of hydrogen energy and electric cars. In this bilateral meeting, the two leaders also agreed to strengthen cooperation on climate change.

Jokowi expressed his appreciation for Germany’s support in the development of a green infrastructure initiative worth EUR 2.5 billion and the integration of green transmission in North Sulawesi which was valued at 150 million Euros and a geothermal energy development pilot project worth 300 million Euros.

In addition, Jokowi encourages the contribution of Germany and the G7 countries to the energy transition. Jokowi said collaboration was needed between the G20 under the Indonesian Presidency and the G7 under the chairmanship of Germany.

“The G20 and G7 have the same priority, namely the energy transition. I invite the contributions of Germany and the G7 countries in various knowledge and technology, as well as access to funding,” he said.

Furthermore, Jokowi also encouraged Germany to increase its investment in high-tech industries, starting from investment in the electric vehicle sector from upstream to downstream.

In fact, he invited Germany to develop a semiconductor factory in Indonesia and make this industry part of the global chip supply chain.

In this bilateral meeting, Jokowi also emphasized the importance of cooperation in industry 4.0, especially the acceleration of human resource development. According to Jokowi, the German President’s state visit to Indonesia shows the close relationship between the two countries.

According to Jokowi, President Steinmeier is not a new person to him. The two previously met in Jakarta in 2014 when Steinmeier was still serving as Minister of Foreign Affairs.