The total number of Covid-19 cases or corona positive patients in Indonesia as of Friday afternoon, February 12, 2021 reached 1,201,859 people.

This figure was obtained after the addition of 9,869 corona patients in the last 24 hours. The additional Covid-19 cases in Indonesia today are higher than yesterday. Therefore, the accumulation of recovered corona patients to date has reached 1,004,117 people.

As for the corona patients who died, this afternoon it increased to 275 people, higher than yesterday. Now, the total number of patients who have died due to the corona virus pandemic in Indonesia is 32,656 people. Meanwhile South Africa has halted the rollout of the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab in the wake of a trial conducted in South Africa, where the “South African variant” is the dominant strain. Scientists who conducted the small-scale trial of the vaccine’s efficacy said it showed very little protection against mild to moderate infection, though they expressed hope that – in theory – it would still offer significant protection against more serious infection. The results of the trial are awaiting publication and peer review.

AstraZeneca has said it could take between six and nine months to produce Covid-19 vaccines that are effective against new variants of the coronavirus, but have said it remains effective against the original virus and at least one variant, first discovered in Kent, England. It is a race between the virus and the scientists developing the vaccines.