President Jokowi Joins G7 Summit: Uniting Global Leaders to Promote Peace

President Jokowi Joins G7 Summit: Uniting Global Leaders to Tackle Climate Change and Promote Peace

In a momentous endeavor to respond to the esteemed invitation to the G7 Summit extended by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) embarked on a journey to the land of the rising sun, Japan, on this auspicious day, Friday, the 19th of May, 2023.

Jokowi articulated his anticipation for the upcoming G7 meeting, highlighting its paramount agenda encompassing crucial topics such as climate change, food security, energy policies, and other pressing global concerns that warrant concerted efforts and international collaboration.

In a resolute statement quoted from the official YouTube channel of the Indonesian Presidential Secretariat, President Jokowi underscored the nation’s eagerness to contribute meaningfully to the discussions held within the G7 forum, bearing in mind the honor bestowed upon Indonesia by previous invitations to this prestigious gathering of global leaders.

Now, standing before the G7 assembly once again, hosted graciously by Japan, Jokowi voiced his commitment to making a substantive impact and representing the diverse voices of the ASEAN region.

Among the focal points that President Jokowi emphasized to be conveyed during the G7 Summit was the situation in Myanmar, where the ongoing crisis necessitates international attention and concerted efforts towards a peaceful resolution. Jokowi’s presence and the representation of ASEAN at the G7 table amplify the call for collective action and regional solidarity to address this pressing issue.

In the official communication issued by the G7 Japan website, Prime Minister Kishida gracefully extended a warm welcome to the esteemed leaders gathering in the captivating city of Hiroshima.

Renowned for its picturesque landscapes adorned by the lush and vibrant Chugoku Mountains, with the tranquil Seto Inland Sea as its backdrop, Hiroshima serves as an ideal setting to foster meaningful discussions and reinforce the message of peace.

Expressing his enthusiasm, PM Kishida seized this pivotal moment when the world’s gaze turns towards Japan, embracing the opportunity to showcase the nation’s multifaceted allure to the global stage.

From the enchanting beauty of its landscapes and the richness of its traditional culture to the tantalizing array of local culinary delights and groundbreaking technological advancements, Japan stands poised to captivate the world’s attention and leave an indelible mark on the collective consciousness.

Central to the G7 agenda, PM Kishida unequivocally reaffirmed the group’s unwavering commitment to upholding the international order grounded in the rule of law. With resolute determination, the G7 leaders collectively stand against any unilateral actions that seek to disrupt the status quo through acts of violence, threats, or the deployment of nuclear weapons.

As the Chair of this esteemed gathering, PM Kishida pledges to foster an environment of open and fruitful discussions, encouraging the articulation of innovative ideas and formulating robust plans for a brighter future.

As President Jokowi and the leaders of the G7 nations converge upon Hiroshima, the world watches with bated breath, hoping that the collaborative efforts and enlightened dialogues that unfold within the summit’s hallowed halls will pave the way for a more sustainable, inclusive, and harmonious world order.