Pro ISIS Group Beheaded 50 People in Mozambique


More than 50 people in Mozambique were reportedly beheaded by a terrorist group affiliated with ISIS.

Reported by CBS News, Thursday (12/11), the terrorist group attacked several villages in the districts in Mozambique, namely Miudumbe and Macomia. They killed civilians, kidnapped women and children and burned people’s houses.

Mozambique Police Chief, Bernardino Rafael, said at a press conference, the kidnapped villagers were then taken to the jungle, and the terrorists started executing the residents one by one.

Witnesses told local media that the militants carried out the executions on a soccer field in a village.

The General Secretary of the United Nations (UN), Antonio Guterres, condemned the incident. Guterres also asked the authorities to investigate the incident.

The French President, Emmanuel Macron, also condemned the incident that occurred in Mozambique. He said terrorist groups are barbarians.

“More than 50 people have been beheaded, women were kidnapped, villages were looted and then burned,” Macron tweeted on his personal Twitter account, Wednesday (11/11).

This tragedy in Mozambique is the latest in a series of gruesome attacks carried out by pro-ISIS terrorist groups in Cabo Delgado province since 2017. The group pledged allegiance to ISIS last year.

Not much information is known about this terror group. However, this group refers to themselves as Al-Shabab.

The group uses poverty and high unemployment propaganda as doctrine to recruit its members.