Recover Your Deleted Photos Using This Trick!

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Even though photos deleted from this cellphone are impossible to recover or return easily, nowadays advanced technology is able to do it.

The recovery process itself takes only a few seconds. As you know, today’s smartphones are equipped with quite sophisticated features.

How to Restore Deleted Photos on HP without an Application
Before discussing in detail how to recover deleted photos with certain applications, you must know how to recover them without an application.

Although unfortunately, this tutorial is only suitable if your smartphone has the recently deleted or trash feature. And after the photo is accidentally deleted, the file is actually not permanently lost from your smartphone.

However, moving to the trash feature. This trash saves for approximately 1-2 months until you choose to restore the photo file. You can check if your smartphone has this feature.

If so, you can perform photo recovery without needing to download a second-party app. Even though it has a trash or recently deleted feature, reduce your carelessness by not deleting photos.

You can think about it again and again, whether you need to keep the photo or delete it.

App Recover Deleted Photos on Android
In fact, it’s a good idea to have an app like the ones we recommend below before you lose the photos you love.

  1. DigDeep Image Recovery
    The way to restore deleted photos on a cellphone is with the DigDeep Image Recovery application. Since it first appeared, DigDeep Image Recovery itself has had many loyal users.

This application itself was deliberately developed to help Android users recover their deleted photo files by accident or by accident.

You can download the DigDeep Image Recovery application and run it on Android and later this application will automatically display your deleted photos.

You can also recover the photo files that you think are important.

  1. Recover Deleted Photos
    And as you know, DigDeep Image Recovery is an application for how to restore deleted photos on a cellphone. This application helps you recover deleted photos quickly.

Recover Deleted Photos will recover photos by scanning the folder where the deleted photos are located.

Interestingly, you can also find various interesting photos, even those that have been around for a long time. Do a backup so that the photos you restore are not lost again. If necessary, save it on a computer or laptop.

  1. Google Drive
    How to restore deleted photos on HP is through Google Drive. And indeed the only drawback of this application is that you have to upload photo files to the Google Cloud.

But, what if the photo is deleted before uploading it? As a result, you can’t recover the photo because the data is not stored on Google Drive.

In the Google Drive application, look for the Trash menu then open the saved photo file. You can restore the photo files by selecting Restore.

  1. Undeleter Recover Files and Data
    Undeleter Recover Files and Data is also one way to restore deleted photos on HP. This application itself offers many conveniences to recover lost data from mobile phones.

You can also recover data from SMS, WA, call logs and other applications. This means that you can restore various photos downloaded by WA before.

Because it is able to recover various files not only photos, Undeleter Recover Files and Data is getting more praise from users. Another reason why this application is popular is because the way it works is very simple and easy.

  1. Dumpsters
    The main function of this Dumpster is the same as the others, namely to do how to restore deleted photos on HP. And almost as good as the Recyle Bin that you usually find on a PC or computer.

This application itself is able to recover deleted data without the need to root. Another advantage is that you can run Dumpster offline. To get the benefits of Dumpster, you must first download the application.

Select the photo files that you want to recover and save them in the best location. Not only recovering photos, Dumpster is also effective for recovering PDF, MP3, JPG and even MP4 files.