Singapore Lifted the Mandatory Quarantine Rules for Arrivals from These Countries

Singapore lifted the mandatory quarantine rules

Slowly but surely, Singapore has made peace with the pandemic. The opening of borders in this country is one step to live with the Covid-19 pandemic.

As stated by, Singapore has now freed tourists from several countries who came there without quarantine. 

These countries include Brunei Darussalam, Germany, Hong Kong, and Macau. Indonesia is not included in the list. The regulation is known to be effective from August 26. 

The opening of the border in Singapore is a measure to maintain economic conditions, which are mostly obtained through access to and from within the country. 

The special requirements that must be considered by tourists from the four countries include, for tourists from Germany and Brunei Darussalam, they are required to vaccinate and test for Covid-19 to avoid quarantine rules. 

The Covid-19 test consists of a test before departure, a test on arrival, a test on the third day after arrival, and a test on the seventh day after arrival.

As for tourists from Macau and Hong Kong, they are not required to vaccinate but are required to do a Covid-19 test when in Singapore. Tourists from these two countries are free from quarantine if the Covid-19 test shows a negative result.