Starting Tomorrow, E-Hac Becomes a Mandatory Requirement for Domestic Flight Departure


The new rules regarding domestic flights have just been passed. Recently, the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) enforced the use of Electronic Health Alert Card (E-hac) for domestic flight travelers starting Thursday (3/3) tomorrow. Airplane passengers will be asked to use e-Hac before departure.

E-HAC or electronic-Health Alert Card is an Electronic Health Alert Card intended for all domestic and international travelers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This new rule will be effective as of March 3, 2022,” said the Expert Staff of the Minister of Health for Health Technology, Setiaji, quoted on the official Sehatnegeriku website of the Ministry of Health, Wednesday (2/3).

Furthermore, he also asked all domestic travelers to update the Peduli Protect application and pay attention to the latest regulations regarding e-Hac.

“In the latest domestic flight regulations, passengers must fill out an e-Hac in the Peduli Protect application before checking in at the departure airport, or the latest a day before the flight schedule,” he said.

Updates made regarding the two applications are used to check the status of flight worthiness for travelers by airport officials.

The latest regulations explain that e-Hac is now used as a check-in tool upon departure, unlike before, which was only checked upon arrival at the arrival airport.

The reason behind this change in e-hac inspection rules is that arrivals at several airports often experience long queues during e-hac inspections. Therefore, with this new policy, he hopes that long queues can be prevented.

Furthermore, Setiaji explained that this rule does not only apply to air transportation passengers but must be filled in for land and sea transportation travelers.

“In the future, the features and flow of filling out the e-HAC in the Peduli Protect application will continue to be evaluated and developed, with data that is increasingly integrated and adapted to the applicable health protocol policies,” Setiaji said.

Therefore, here are the guidelines and steps for filling out the latest e-HAC in the PeduliLindung application for domestic air travelers:

Download the latest version of PeduliLindungi app

Create a new account or log in if you already have an account PeduliLindungi

-Click on the “e-HAC” feature on the main page
-Select “Create e-HAC”
-Select “Domestic” for domestic travelers
-Select means of travel “Air”
-Select the date and fill in the flight number.
-If the flight number is not found, fill in the flight data manually by selecting the airline name, departure airport, and destination.
-Make sure the information is correct, then click “Continue”
-Fill in “Personal Data”, which can be filled in a maximum of 4 people at once
-Next, you can check the airworthiness.
-If the e-HAC displays the information “test result not found”, please consult the health officer or the Port Health Office (KKP) at the airport. If it displays a confirmation case (black status), e-HAC creation and the journey cannot continue
-If it is declared airworthy, select save the information you have previously filled in
-Proceed by completing a health statement and travel history.
-After that, select “confirm” and you’re done