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Indonesia Experienced Intense Heat with Maximum Temperatures Reaching 38.0°C

Over the course of the past seven days, virtually the entirety of Indonesia has been engulfed in a striking episode of scorching daytime temperatures....

BMKG Explains the Recent Heat Wave in Indonesia and Predicts Long...

Recently, some regions in Indonesia have been hit by a heat wave, causing temperatures to soar higher and last longer than usual. In response...

Study Reveals Countries Most Vulnerable to Dangerous Heatwaves

The increasing threat of climate crisis has raised the alarm bells regarding the potentially dangerous heatwaves that can wreak havoc on unprepared countries and...

BMKG Reveals Five Main Causes of Heatwave in Indonesia

In recent weeks, Indonesia has been hit by heatwave, with average temperatures increasing over the past week. The country's meteorological agency, the Meteorology, Climatology,...



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