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SOEs Have a Big Contribution to Accelerate Energy Transition

Based on a study released by the Universities of Oxford and Columbia last February, globally, SOEs (BUMN) are responsible for at least 7.49 gigatons...

PLN’s 8 Steps to Achieving Net Zero Emission

Carbon emissions and energy transition become hot topics recently in Indonesia after the government committed to achieving the 2060 Net Zero Emission (NZE) target....

Indonesia Needs US$ 1 Trillion to Become a Green Country

Indonesia's dream to achieve net zero emissions by 2060 requires a big struggle. This is because Indonesia is predicted to need funds of up...

Important Things to Achieve Net Zero Emission 2060

Indonesia strives to switch to more environmentally friendly energy. Not only that, Indonesia has big ambitions to become a net-zero emission country by 2060. To...



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