The Negativity of Scolding Children at Home during a Pandemic

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Many parents are unable to maintain their emotions and get mad when educating their children during the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, scolding a child has negative impact for the child’s development in the future.

Child psychologist, Rose Mini explained, a child can feel stressed when being scolded.

“Don’t use anger, children become stressed. During this pandemic, it’s not only the corona virus that cannot be transmitted, but emotions and anger cannot be transmitted,” said the psychologist who is familiarly called by Bunda Romi in the Setroom program, Secret at Newsroom , Thursday (15/10).

Bunda Romi said that the emotions, complaints and anger shown by parents would be absorbed and emulated by children. Children can imitate these emotions and attitudes when dealing with other people.

Stress and anger can also make children feel insecure and comfortable at home. This condition can make children do negative things.

Bunda Romi also said that negative emotions can reduce the body’s immunity so that children are more susceptible to disease.

Therefore, children must be educated with understanding and compassion.

“The children have a short life experience, so teach them a good and comfortable experience. This is good for the children’s future,” said Bunda Romi.

To prevent anger, parents have to be able to understand that children are still in the learning process. Parents must also be able to divert their emotions to other activities so that their children do not become a target.

“Parents have to know how to control stress and anger, by doing activities such as baking cakes and so on,” said Bunda Romi.