The One Million Houses Program for 2022 Has Reached the Target

The One Million Houses Program for 2022 Has Reached the Target

The government’s One Million Houses (PSR) 2022 program has reached its target. The PSR achievement as of November 2022 has touched 1.05 million housing units. This program is implemented by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR).

Director of Public and Commercial Housing (RUK) PUPR, Fitrah Nur, on Tuesday (6/12/2022), revealed, “In 2022 until November, there have been more than 1.05 million units. So we have one month left to exceed the target,”

Fitrah explained that in 2020, this target could not be achieved. Based on data from the PUPR Directorate General of Housing, since 2015 only 3 PSRs have reached the target of one million units, namely in 2018, 2019, and 2021.

“Indeed, we will see that by 2020, the achievement will not reach one million houses, but in 2021 there will be 1.1 million units,” he said.

The government still has a lot of homework to do considering the backlog figure of 12.75 million home ownership based on the 2020 Susenas data. This is coupled with the increase in the number of new families reaching 600,000-800,000 each year.

This shows that the need for housing is getting higher from year to year. Thus, PSR is one of the government’s steps to encourage various stakeholders in the property sector to participate in reducing the number of backlogs.

For information, PSR achievements do not only come from housing construction carried out by the government, but also from various other stakeholders, namely developers, the community, or corporate CSR.

The PUPR Ministry itself provides subsidized credit through the Housing Finance Liquidity Facility (FLPP), Subsidy for Down Payment Assistance (SBUM), to Savings-Based Housing Financing Assistance (BP2BT).

Furthermore, Fitrah said he was optimistic that the property sector could continue to be enthusiastic and have an impact on national economic growth. This is because currently, property accounts for 3 percent of the total national Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

To note, PSR is an annual program launched by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) in 2015 to overcome the housing backlog in Indonesia.