The World Is Full of Uncertainty, But Investors Still Trust Indonesia


The President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, reiterated that the world is in a state of uncertainty. Dark clouds shadow the world economy. However, he emphasized that Indonesia is very lucky because investors still place great trust in it.

“It is not easy to gain trust from an investment,” said Jokowi while attending a ceremony for the commencement of the groundbreaking of PT Wavin Manufacturing Indonesia in the Batang Integrated Industrial Estate, Central Java Province, as quoted on Monday (10/10/2022).

According to him, if a country has been branded as not good for investing, then there will be no investors coming to Indonesia. As a result, all needs must be imported from abroad.

In this position, the confidence of foreign investors in a country’s economy becomes very important. From this, investors enter to place their capital, either directly or through a portfolio.

According to Jokowi, Indonesia is a lucky country; the economy’s fundamentals are managed very well and investors still have great confidence. One of them is PT Wavin Manufacturing Indonesia with the company’s investment reaching US$ 125 million or around Rp 1.9 trillion.

“Although the world is in a financial crisis, Indonesia is still trusted for investment by world companies. Because of the good economic stability in our country,” said Jokowi.

Furthermore, all countries, said Jokowi, are now fighting over investment. These components are considered capable of boosting the country’s economy, during depressed public consumption caused by the surge in inflation and sluggish exports.

“What is currently being fought over is an investment,” said Jokowi.

“Why investment? Because with that investment added value will be created, jobs will be created, state revenues will appear, foreign exchange reserves will appear.”

On the other hand, SOE Minister Erick Thohir’s move to seek infrastructure development such as toll roads through funding schemes from strategic investors, not from debt, deserves appreciation.

Head of Research Jarvis Asset Management, Andri Ngaserin, assessed that the policy of SOE Minister Erick Thohir who carried out infrastructure development through a funding scheme from strategic investors was a good step and should be appreciated.

According to Andri, with new investors entering and investing in toll roads, will create diversification of infrastructure development funding. So that later toll road infrastructure development will not only rely on the state budget.